What is the meaning of Gordo?

British English: fat /fæt/ ADJECTIVE. A fat person has a lot of flesh on their body and weighs too much.

Is gordos masculine or feminine?

comparativemais gordomais gordas
superlativeo mais gordo gordíssimoas mais gordas gordíssimas

What is the feminine form of Gordo?

Meanings of “feminine of gordo” in Spanish English Dictionary : 1 result(s)
1Commongorda [adj]

What is the opposite of Gordo in Spanish?

The opposite of “gordo” would be “flaco“.

Is Gordo an insult?

While sometimes (like in the aforementioned example) the term is not offensive and accepted as nothing more than a nickname given to you by a friend, it can also be used in a straight forward observation. Many Latin Americans will have absolutely no reservations about telling you that you are looking gordo or gorda.

What does Guapo mean in Spanish slang?

handsome, good-looking
handsome, good-looking.

What is the English meaning of Delgado?

Spanish and Portuguese: nickname for a thin person, from Spanish, Portuguese delgado ‘slender’ (Latin delicatus ‘dainty’, ‘exquisite’, a derivative of deliciae ‘delight’, ‘joy’).

What is the opposite of Grande?

Grande means ‘big,’ and its opposite word in Spanish is pequeño (pronounced: peh-KEH-nyoh), which means ‘small’ or ‘little.

What’s the opposite of Alto?

The opposite of “alto” is “bajo”.