Should I help the people or purchase a ship?

What is this? Louis XVI will say that you can use the money to help the people or purchase a ship for the navy. This decision will also have a heavy impact on the story. Once again, if you want the people to change their opinion about you, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to choose “Help the People” option.

Should you buy the necklace in Dress Up Time Princess?

This is a very important choice. Choosing to buy the necklace will lead to one of the bad endings, and it is not recommended to pick that option.

Should I reproach Rohan?

You can choose to reproach him and leave or leave without saying a word. This choice won’t have any major influence on the story, so you can feel free to pick either option.

How do you get 100 on Time Princess?

In order to get a 100% story book you’ll need to fulfill the following conditions: Play through all the choices in each stage, including minor choices that don’t appear the flowchart. Perfect clears on all stages. Make all the craftable clothing, including altered outfit.
  1. Magic Lamp.
  2. The Western Wall.
  3. The Poet.

Should I let Blaisdell handle the investigations?

If you decide to let Blaisdell handle the investigation, you will gain some Goodwill with Louis XVI. All of the aristocrats and ministers will seem to approve of this decision. However, you will notice that Fersen doesn’t seem happy with this turn of events.

How do I get to 2 21 Queen Marie?

In 2-16 Letter from Far Away answer Lafayette when Blaisdell asks who you trust. This will unlock chapter 2-21 Under the Shadows when you play 2-18 Prisoner on the Throne.

How can I get kahir relic?

Kahir’s Relic is the Dawn Blade. Starting at Goodwill level 5, you will receive a copy of his relic/shard every time his Goodwill levels up.

How do you get VIP experience on time princess?

There are two ways to earn VIP Exp: logging in and making purchases with real money. You can earn 10 Exp every day just for logging in. Every purchase will also reward you with VIP Exp, at a rate of roughly 100 VIP Exp to $1 US.

How do you raise goodwill in Dress Up Time Princess?

Companions can be found in the Lantern once their story has been purchased. You can tap on a companion 5 times in order to raise their Goodwill by 50 points and give 16 gifts. Players who purchase Fashion Booster are able to give Companions 30 gifts. Tapping on companions result in them giving you a gift box.

How do you get Queen Marie relics?

Relics can be obtained by pulling in Lucky Jerry, trading for them in Lovecraft’s Shop, or by raising the Goodwill level of a companion to 5. Once the relic has been obtained, following relics are converted automatically into shards that are used to Enhance Skill or Awaken the relic.

How do you level up Dress Up Time Princess?

Get bonus stamina when your character levels up or purchase them from “Parven’s Shop”. Each time you complete a stage, you will gain EXP or experience points, which help you level up. You can also get free stamina from the events section. Tap on the story desk to enter the world of stories.

How do I get the Apollo relic?

Character Relic

Apollo’s Relic is the Nature’s Melody. Starting at Goodwill level 5, you will receive a copy of his relic/shard every time his Goodwill levels up. Apollo’s treasured possession. He loves strumming his lyre during moments of respite.

What is a magical gift in time princess?

Q: What does it mean when “Magical Gift” is the source of clothing? A: This means the item is either a gift from the game (for example, the pieces from Bourbon Rose you get for starting the game) or clothing that is obtained through events (like Maiden Voyage).

What are the nails for in time princess?

Cotts has always been collecting nails, because she wants to know which is heavier: 1 catty of nails, or 1 catty of cotton. Used to increase Cott’s Goodwill.

How do you use princess borrowed clothes time?

Shared Wardrobe/Borrow Clothes

Every day, the clothes in your Shared closet will be randomly selected. To change the clothing you lend out, tap the Shared tab in the bottom right corner. There, you can set clothing that your friends can use to advance through the story.

Where is the kitty bank in time princess?

There are two different Kitty Banks: the one that players can find in the story map with the stages, and the one that players can find in the Specials tab, along with Heartwarming Gift and Dreamcatch Funds, on the left side of the main screen.

How do you get the blueprints in time princess?

. Blueprints of special clothes are rewarded for participating in events or can be purchased with real money. Clothing material can be obtained from encounters, Parven’s Shop, kitty exploration, some events, and gift boxes from your Companions.