Do PS3 games have trophies?

You can earn trophies when you accomplish certain objectives in games that support the trophy feature. The trophies that you have earned are saved on your PS3™ system.

What PS3 game has the most trophies?

Assassin’s Creed 2 has given up its Platinum trophy more often than any other PlayStation 3 game, Sony has revealed. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft’s 2009 adventure pipped Modern Warfare 2 to the top spot, followed by Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Resident Evil 5.

Does Kung Fu Panda PS3 have trophies?

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (PS3) Trophies.

How many PS3 games exist?

There are currently 2517 games in this table across all pages: A to C, D to I, J to P, and Q to Z.

What was the last game on PS3?

Shakedown: Hawaii
The last game released on the PlayStation 3 was Shakedown: Hawaii, on August 20, 2020.

Does Saints Row 2 PS3 have trophies?

There are 60 Achievements in Saints Row 2, with a total of 1,250 Gamerscore points. … The PC version does not include Achievements, and the PlayStation 3 version does not include any Trophies.

When did PS3 add trophies?

The trophy system was launched with PlayStation 3 system software update 2.40 on July 2, 2008; however, it was withdrawn later the same day due to a small number of users becoming unable to restart their consoles after performing the update.

Does Valkyria Chronicles PS3 have trophies?

Obtain the decoration based on the Valkyrian lance, presented to a squad shown to have earned victory with exceptional speed. Obtain the decoration considered Gallia’s highest honor, begun by House Randgriz. Given only to heroes who demonstrate complete military mastery.

Valkyria Chronicles Trophies.
ModeSingle player

How many activities are in Saints Row 2?

Unlike Activities in Saints Row, each Activity in Saints Row 2 has just six levels instead of eight, and there are just two instances of them, rather than three.

LevelCashBase Respect

Do cheats disable achievements in Saints Row 2?

Cellphone icon In Saints Row 2, cheats are activated through the in-game Cellphone. Activating a cheat disables Autosave, and the ability to obtain Achievements. … The 3 promotional vehicle codes do not block Achievements, or mark the save as cheating.

How do you get wings of solidarity?

To get this trophy, you must unlock the full personnel profile of every character, including the Hidden Recruits. As such this one can only be done in your second playthrough, since Musaad joins Squad 7 after you’ve finished the game once.

How do you rank up in Valkyria Chronicles?

Generally an A rank will be award for completing a mission in at least three or four turns, although missions will differ. The lowest rank of D is always the maximum amount of turns you have to complete the battle before losing.

What does Super Saints cheat do?

Unlock the Get Down Cheat that makes you ultra limber. Super Saints gives you better guns and better health while Ultimate Clip ensures that you’re always ready to fire. Get Infinite Mass for your vehicle plus Super Explosions and you’ll be ready for anything! The Invincible Pack adds seven cheats to the game.

What is the fastest car in Saints Row 2?

Overview. The Attrazione seats 2 people and features sharp handling, fast speeds, and scissor doors. The Attrazione is the fastest car in the game, although other cars can reach the same speed with a Nitrous boost.

How do you get infinite respect in Saints Row 2?

Complete all races in Stilwater. Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs. Do activities to raise your respect past level 75. you will then have Infinite respect.

Can you buy cars in Saints Row?

Vehicles are available through purchase at a car dealership, Cheats or stealing. Most cars have a specific location in places to obtain and some have certain times.

How do you fly in Saints Row 3?