How much sulfur do you need for 10 satchels?

480 Sulfur to make Gunpowder. 720 Charcoal to make Gunpowder. 80 Metal Fragments to make Beancan Grenades. 10 Cloth to make Small Stash.

How many satchels do I need for a sheet wall?

four satchel charges
Most sheet metal walls require four satchel charges to be brought down. Satchels are dangerous explosives and should be handled with extreme caution.

How many explosives does it take to break stone walls in rust?

Here are the three components necessary: 20 Explosives. 5 Cloth.

How much sulfur is needed for a stone wall?

Uses. As a part of Explosives, it is the key material needed for raiding player-made structures. Player-made houses made from Stone or Sheet Metal require 4000 Sulfur to destroy a wall or floor piece with two Timed Explosive Charges or 5600 Sulfur per wall or floor piece with four Rocket Ammunition.

How many C4 are in a stone?

I know that it takes 2x C4 to take out a stone wall, but how much grenades does it take to get a stone wall down? Also how much C4 or grenades does it take to get down metal walls/dino gates. Want to know how viable it is to mass produce grenades instead of farming mats for C4.

How many satchels do I need for a wood wall?

Wooden wall – 3 satchels. (1440 sulfur/2160 coal). Stone wall – 10 satchels.

How many pickaxes do I need for a stone wall soft side?

7 pickaxes
Stone walls from the outside take one damage per 8 pickaxe hits, but from the soft side takes 1.2 damage every hit (7 pickaxes for one stone wall).

How many rockets are in a stone wall?

4 rockets
Stone – 4 rockets. Sheet Metal – 2 rockets. Armored – 6 rockets.

How much health does a stone wall have rust?

The wall has a health of 500. It takes 2 Timed Explosive Charge to break. Each charge will remove 275 health. Wall decays (loses health) every 10 hours.

How much wood does it take to Softside a stone wall?

A stone wall has 500 hitpoints, and costs 50 wood to place, and 300 stone to upgrade. Some weapon classes deal greater damage to the soft side of the wall. The strong side has dark outlines of bricks, while the soft side is light grey.

How long does it take for stone walls to decay rust?

Decay Timers
MaterialTime to Decay
Wood3 hours
Stone5 hours
Sheet Metal8 Hours
Armoured12 hours

Can you remove walls rust?

If you’re looking to remove particular walls within your base, there’s good news and bad news. Once you place a wall in twig, a 10-minute countdown starts. During these 10 minutes, you can choose to pull the wall down by equipping a building hammer, right-clicking on the wall, and selecting the demolish icon.

How many incendiary shells do I need for a stone wall?

Wooden wall – 56 rounds. (1.400 sulfur.) Stone wall – 200 rounds. (5.020 sulfur.)

How do you remove a stone wall?

Use a sledgehammer and chisel to break up the cement mortar between the stones and remove the stones as they become loose. Remove the loose stones as soon as possible to prevent them from falling from the wall and causing potential injury. Wear safety goggles and heavy leather work gloves while chiseling the mortar.

How many grenades does it take to destroy a stone wall in Rust?

You can make 10 grenades for 800 gunpowder and 400 metal frags, enough to blow one wall as well. Even if 10 doesn’t blow a wall, add a little more gunpowder and some more frags to make another nade or two.

How many c4 does it take to destroy a high external stone wall?

The wall has a health of 500. It takes 2 Timed Explosive Charge to break.

How do you raid a stone base?

How do you make stone in Rust?

Stone Tier components cannot be built directly, but rather require an existing Twig or Wood Tier component to be upgraded using a Hammer. They cost Stones to build. Higher tiered components cannot be downgraded back to Stone Tier.

How do you break stone high walls?

What Dinos can break stone foundation?

Stone Structures can be damaged by:

DodoRex. Dunkleosteus. Explosives. Giganotosaurus.

How do you raid in 2021 rust?

What is the cheapest way to raid in Rust?

You can raid with satchels, explosive ammo, rockets and or C4. The cheapest route to raiding is with satchels, it is the only way of raiding without having a tier 3 workbench, I highly recommend getting to tier 3, and skipping satchels to save that precious scrap and learn better raiding blueprints.