What is comparative of hungry?

Superlative. hungriest. The comparative form of hungry; more hungry.

What is the adjective form of hungry?

adjective. hun·​gry | \ ˈhəŋ-grē \ hungrier; hungriest.

What is the comparative and superlative form of good?

Both good and well change to better and best in their comparative and superlative forms. Use the comparative form – better – when comparing two items. Use the superlative form – best – when comparing three or more items.

Is it hungrier or more hungry?

Comparative form of hungry: more hungry.

What does the word hungrier mean?

having a craving, desire, or need (for) 4. expressing or appearing to express greed, craving, or desire.

What is the comparative of hot?

hotter the hottest
Comparison: Basic, Comparative, Superlative Adjectives
Basic AdjectiveComparative AdjectiveSuperlative Adjective
hothotterthe hottest
easyeasierthe easiest
happyhappierthe happiest

What is the comparative form of little?

Some have more than one option: little can become littler or less (comparative), and littlest or least (superlative). Many, some, or much become more in the comparative and most in the superlative. Some common irregular adverbs are well, better, best and badly, worse, worst.

What is superlative form of beautiful?

most beautiful
Answer and Explanation:

The superlative form of the adjective ‘beautiful’ is ‘most beautiful,’ not ‘beautifullest.

What is the comparative form of tall?

Tall is a regular adjective, which is called the positive degree. Taller is the comparative degree of the adjective. We use it to compare two things. We add –er to most one- and two-syllable adjectives to make them comparative.

What is the comparative of cold?

Superlative. coldest. The comparative form of cold; more cold.

What is the comparative of sad?

Comparative. sadder. Superlative. saddest. When someone feels sad, they have a bad feeling because of a loss or other problem.

What is the comparative of fat?

fatter fattest
One syllable adjectives

What is comparative of sweet?

Sweeter is the comparative form of sweet. So, you say, Mia is sweeter than Leena.” “And when you compare more than two people places or things, we use the superlative degree,” added mom.

What is the comparative of fantastic?

Add -est to the end of most adjectives to make them superlative: greatest. Use most with long adjectives such as fantastic to make them superlative: most fantastic.

What is the comparative of lazy?

lazy ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌

What is the comparative of dark?

dark ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

What is the comparative degree of God?

Usage notes. The comparative is bäter and the superlative is best.

What is comparative of colorful?

Adjective. colourful (comparative more colourful, superlative most colourful)

What is the superlative of soldier?

Explanation: comparative form – The soldier is braver than I am. superlative form – That soldier is the bravest in the army.

What is superlative of brave?

braver. Superlative. bravest. The superlative form of brave; most brave.

What is less superlative?

Less is a comparative form of little. The superlative is least.

What is comparative of soft?

Comparative. softer. Superlative. softest. The comparative form of soft; more soft.