What important events happened in 1931?

13 February – New Delhi becomes the capital of India. 27 February – Chandrasekhar Azad martyrdom in an encounter with the British in Allahabad. 4 March – British viceroy of India and Mohandas Gandhi negotiate. 23 March – Independent India leaders Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev are hanged by the British Government.

What was invented in 1931?

1 1930 to 1931

Fiberglass first hit the market that same year, and Julius Nieuland first produced the synthetic rubber neoprene. Also in 1931, Ernest Lawrence invented the cyclotron, also known as the atom smasher, and Jacob Schick invented the electric razor.

What war happened around 1931?

Japan began its World War II offensive in 1931, attacking Manchuria in Northern China and then Chapei in Northern Shanghai in January of 1932. In 1932, Adolf Hitler’s gained power as his Nazi party became the largest in Germany.

What was happening in 1931 in England?

1 May – National Trust for Scotland established and acquires its first property, Crookston Castle. 5 May – the Vic-Wells Ballet, later to become The Royal Ballet, debuts in London. 15 May – shoppers in London escape with their lives when a chemical factory in Bayswater explodes.

How much did a car cost in 1931?

In 1931, the average price of a new car was $640. The top three automakers were General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler—still familiar names in the auto industry!

What era was 1931?

1931 (MCMXXXI) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1931st year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 931st year of the 2nd millennium, the 31st year of the 20th century, and the 2nd year of the 1930s decade.

What happened to the 1931 census?

The 1931 census returns, including schedules, enumeration books and plans, were completely destroyed in a fire in Hayes, Middlesex, where the census was being stored. Many precautions had been taken to protect the census, which all failed. … The 1941 UK census was not taken due to World War II.

Who was the monarch in 1931?

George V
George V
HouseWindsor (from 1917) Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (until 1917)
FatherEdward VII
MotherAlexandra of Denmark

Why is 1931 a significant year to Canada?

Canada did not enjoy full legal autonomy until the Statute of Westminster was passed on December 11, 1931. The signing of the statute was Canada’s own declaration of independence. The Statute of Westminster is a momentous, yet often overlooked, occasion in Canadian history.

When was the next census after 1931?

The next census to be released will be the 1951 census, due for release in January 2052. The 1931 census was taken in April 1931 but was completely destroyed in a fire in 1942 at the Office of Works. There was no England and Wales census in 1941 due to the Second World War.

Was there a census 1931?

1931 Census – taken 26th/27th April 1931

In July 1931, a preliminary census report was published and useful population figures were released.

What was the population in 1931?

124,038,000 people
United States ended 1931 with a population of 124,038,000 people, which represents an increasea of 963,000 people compared to 1930. United States ranks No.

Increases in Americans population.

Is there a 1921 census?

We hold all of the census records from 1921 onwards, and they’re closed for 100 years. Nobody can see any information about people for 100 years.

Is the 1921 census available?

Personal data from the 1921 census will, therefore, be made available to the public in early 2022 and will be accessible through Findmypast.

Can I view the 1921 census for free?

The 1921 Census will not be immediately available within any subscription, including via libraries. It will only be available via pay-per-view access for the initial period.

Was there a UK census in 1931?

Unfortunately, the 1931 census for England and Wales was destroyed by fire in 1942, and no census was taken in 1941 because of the Second World War.

Has the 1950 Census been released?

According to the “72-Year Rule,” the National Archives releases census records to the general public 72 years after Census Day. As a result, the 1930 census records were released April 1, 2002, and the 1940 records were released April 2, 2012. The 1950 census records will be released in April 2022.

Was there a UK census in 1921?

The United Kingdom Census 1921 was a census of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland that was carried out on 19 June 1921.

Was there a census in Scotland in 1931?

The 1931 Census only covered Great Britain, that is England, Scotland and Wales. A census in Northern Ireland had been taken in April 1926 so no census was taken there in 1931.

What dates were the census taken in UK?

Understanding the Census
1841 – June 61881 – April 3
1851 – March 301891 – April 5
1861 – April 71901 – March 31
1871 – April 21911 – April 2
Nov 29, 2021

Why is the 1921 Census not on ancestry?

Under the ‘100 year rule’ it is UK Government policy that the 1921 Census remain unavailable to the public until 2022. There is a growing clamour among family historians for the records to be released early. … Unlike the 1911 Census however, the 1921 Census was taken after the enactment of the 1920 Census Act.

What date was the 1921 Scottish census taken?

19 June
The 1921 census of Great Britain – held on 19 June

Both censuses were held on the same day and asked virtually the same questions. Due to the imminent partition of Ireland, there was no census of Ireland in 1921.