Is Jun Matsumoto Filipino?

Jun Matsumoto ( 松本 潤 まつもと じゅん , Matsumoto Jun, born August 30, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actor and musician.

How old is Arashi?

Its members are Masaki Aiba, 38, Jun Matsumoto, 37, Kazunari Ninomiya, 37, Satoshi Ohno, 40, and Sho Sakurai, 38. They released their first single “ARASHI” and debuted under entertainment agency Johnny & Associates Inc.

Who are the members of Arashi?

The members are Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, and Jun Matsumoto. Arashi officially formed on September 15, 1999, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and made their debut CD on November 3, 1999.

Who invented the moving stage?

The first modern revolving stage in the western world was built by Karl Lautenschläger (1843–1906) in 1896 in Munich, Germany. Lautenschläger studied under Carl Brandt at the court theatre in Darmstad. From there he went to Munich, where he worked for 22 years and became the head machinist at the Royal theatre.

Who is the girl in ensemble?

Arashi Narukami | The English Ensemble Stars Wiki | Fandom.

Are any members of Arashi married?

TOKYO – Arashi fans had a double dose of good news on Tuesday (Sept 28) after two members of the popular J-pop boy band announced their marriages on the same day. Kazunari Ninomiya was the first of Arashi’s five members to get married. …

How tall is Matsujun?

5′ 8″
Jun Matsumoto/Height

Did ensemble stars end?

Manga. A manga adaptation written and illustrated by Ichi Sayo was launched in Kodansha’s Shōjo manga magazine Aria on August 28, 2015 and ended on December 28, 2016.

Is Enstars an anime?

(あんさんぶるスターズ!, Ansanburu Sutāzu!?) is an anime adaptation produced by David Production.

Who is the MC in Enstars?

The protagonist and the first student to enroll in the Producer Course. Anzu is meant to be the player. She is characterized as a shy girl with a quiet voice, but is nonetheless hardworking. In Ensemble Stars!, Anzu was the sole student in the producer course and managed the idols as part of her school activities.

What did eichi do Enstars?

Eichi was made the student council president, which allowed him to change the school rules at will (as no student paid attention to which regulations changed). Eichi raised the minimum number of members per unit to 2, hindering the Eccentrics, who were ostracized from working with others, from performing solo.

Is Enstars a game?

Ensemble Stars!! Music is a male idol rhythm game developed by Happy Elements K.K for Android and iOS platforms. This is the Japanese version and there are Chinese and Korean available.

Where does ensemble stars take place?

Yumenosaki Private Academy
New Pokemon Games – The Loop. Ensemble Stars! Ensemble Stars! is the first installment of the series, spanning from the start of the school year in spring until graduation, ending with EP:Link. It covers the cast’s time in Yumenosaki Private Academy.

Is eichi Tenshouin white?

On stage in his unit outfit, Eichi wears a three-piece suit with a white cravat that is tinged pale gold at the bottom. His tailcoat is mainly white in color, although it is lined with pale blue fabric, and is decorated with golden embellishments on the lapels and collar. The cufflinks and pocket lining are golden.

What happened to Leo Tsukinaga?

Leo claims to have been abducted with no recollection of what happened, and that’s why he has been absent for half a year. It is eventually revealed that he had been traveling the world thanks to Madara taking him overseas, and that was when he had met an “alien” who knew Japanese.

Is Tori Himemiya a girl?

Appearance. Tori is a very short boy with a small build. His hair is light pink and short, with longer sides on the front and a curved ahoge on top.

How old is eichi?

Eichi is a sixteen-year-old boy with golden brown hair and brown eyes. He is tall, wears a white button shirt and blue jeans in Mitsuki’s flashbacks.

Does eichi like Wataru?

Relationship and notable canon moments. Eichi has admired Wataru since he saw him doing magic tricks in the TV in his hospital room, thinking about him like someone so free that it was nothing impossible for him, even dreaming with Wataru saving him like an angel.

Who voices Tenchiouin?

Hikaru Midorikawa
Sonic 2 Trailer – The Loop
Ayumu Murase Wiki / MALTori Himemiya
Koutaro Hashimoto MALYuzuru Fushimi
Hikaru Midorikawa Wiki / MALEichi Tenshouin
Takuya Eguchi Wiki / MALWataru Hibiki
Interview with Takuya Eguchi (voice actor for Wataru Hibiki) (March 27, 2015)

How does Full Moon wo Sagashite end?

At the end of the series, Takuto saves Mitsuki’s life, violating fate and his duty as a shinigami. At the end of the manga, he is seen as a human again in the hospital, having lost three months of memories. Three years later, he reunites with Mitsuki during her concert.

How did Wataru join fine?

It was conflicting because Wataru was one of the Five Oddballs and Eichi’s plan was to break them down despite being the one who initially put them together. … Nevertheless, they did have the final live and Eichi succeeded in defeating the Five Oddballs. After this “war”, all of them quit and Wataru joined the new fine.

Why is eichi sick?

♛ Keito/ Eichi’s disease Eichi was born with a disease that kept him in the hospital for a very long time. Knowing there would always be the possibility of him not waking up, he shut out the world and became a terror to those around him from a young age.