How does We-Vibe app work?

The We-Vibe product line includes a number of Bluetooth-enabled vibrators that, when linked to the “We-Connect” app, can be controlled from a smartphone. It allows a user to vary rhythms, patterns and settings — or give a partner, in the room or anywhere in the world, control of the device.

How far away does We-Vibe work?

Developed with couples in mind (but equally great for solo play), the We Vibe is controlled by either a remote that works within 3 meters or We Vibe’s smartphone app, which gives partners across the continent the ability to take control with 12 different vibration modes.

How do you use We-Vibe connect?

We-Vibe will pulse twice to let you know it’s ready to be paired. Choose Pair We-Vibe from the menu. Follow the prompts in your app until you receive a “Woo Hoo!” message. This indicates a pair and that the app is ready to use.

How long charge We-Vibe?