What is SOQL injection attack?

In summary SQL/SOQL injection involves taking user-supplied input and using those values in a dynamic SOQL query. If the input is not validated, it can include SOQL commands that effectively modify the SOQL statement and trick the application into performing unintended commands.

How should SOQL injection be prevented using dynamic SOQL?

How to prevent SOQL Injection ?
  1. Avoid using dynamic SOQL where possible, instead use static queries and binding variables.
  2. If you must use dynamic SOQL, use the escapeSingleQuotes method to sanitize user-supplied input.

What is SQL injection example?

Some common SQL injection examples include: Retrieving hidden data, where you can modify an SQL query to return additional results. Subverting application logic, where you can change a query to interfere with the application’s logic. UNION attacks, where you can retrieve data from different database tables.

What are two ways the developer can update the method to prevent a SOQL injection attack?

There are a number of techniques you can use to prevent SOQL injection:
  • Static queries with bind variables.
  • String.escapeSingleQuotes()
  • Type casting.
  • Replacing characters.
  • Whitelisting.

How can I prevent SOQL injection?

Static Query and Bind Variables. The first and most recommended method to prevent SOQL injection is to use static queries with bind variables. Consider the following query. This step ensures that the user input is treated as a variable, not as an executable element of the query.

How do you validate crud permission before SOQL DML?

All you have to do is to add WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED clause in your SOQL query to enable object and field level permissions check.

Which three data types can be returned from an SOQL statement?

When used in Apex code, a SOQL query can return three type of result: a list of sObjects, a single sObject, or of Aggregate Results.

What is the maximum number of SOQL queries used by following code?

Per-Transaction Apex Limits
DescriptionSynchronous LimitAsynchronous Limit
Total number of SOQL queries issued 1100200
Total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries50,000
Total number of records retrieved by Database.getQueryLocator10,000
Total number of SOSL queries issued20

What is SQL injection Salesforce?

SQL and SOQL Injection: What is it? SQL (Structured Query Language) injection is a common application security flaw that results from insecure construction of database queries with user-supplied data. … Apex does not use SQL, but its own database query language, SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language).

What three methods ensure quality data?

Following are the declarative method that helps to ensure quality data:
  • Workflow alerts.
  • Lookup filters.
  • Validation rules.

What is dynamic SOQL in Salesforce?

Dynamic SOQL refers to the creation of a SOQL string at run time with Apex code. Dynamic SOQL enables you to create more flexible applications. For example, you can create a search based on input from an end user or update records with varying field names.

What does database query return?

Database. query() allows to make a dynamic SOQL query at runtime. It returns a single sObject when the SOQL query returns a single record and it returns a list of sObjects when the SOQL query returns more than a single record. We can retrieve up to 50,000 records using Database. … In Batch Apex, if we use Database.