Can you make stinky chuzzle happy?

If Stinky is angry and shoving the other Chuzzles, all you need to do is pick her up and move her to him to instantly cheer him up. Doing so will change his mood to ‘content’ and he will stop shoving the other Chuzzles for a while.

How many levels are in Chuzzle?

Mind Bender: Unlike the other game modes, Mind Bender involves attempting to line up Chuzzles to match the game board with the preset pattern shown on the left side of the screen. Mind Bender features 20 levels, each with 5 puzzles. Finishing at least three puzzles will allow the player to advance to the next level.

What year did chuzzle come out?

May 12, 2005
Chuzzle/Initial release dates

Where can I play Chuzzle for free?

Chuzzle is a fantastic arcade game. You can check it out on CrazyGames directly in your browser, for free.

How do you win at Chuzzle?

Matches can be made down, across or in an “L” shape, but not diagonally. When matched, the Chuzzles will pop and more will fall into play. When Chuzzles pop, their eyes fill a flask to the left of the board. When the flask is full you have won the level and advance to the next, more advanced stage.

How do you play Chuzzle?

Chuzzle Game Overview

Instead of swapping places with gems or balls, you slide entire rows of fuzzy, furry little “Chuzzles.” As you mouse over them, they roll their eyes to look around, almost as if in fear of being chosen. When a valid match is made, the group highlights, and they shudder in fright!