Who can I marry in Markarth?

In Skyrim, you can marry anyone of any gender or race. If you’re a male Nord, you could marry a male Orc if you wish! Oh, the possibilities! However, searching for love can be hard in a world fraught with civil war and dragons.

Nov 13, 2021

Is Hroki a child Skyrim?

Hroki is the sister of Hreinn and the daughter of Frabbi and Kleppr, the innkeeper at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth.

Can Hroki be a follower?

If you want to set Hroki’s class to something other than Child, use the setclass command and choose a class from the classes list.

What race is Hroki?

Hroki is a Nord residing in Markarth.

What outfit is Hroki wearing?

Hroki wears a set of tavern clothes and a pair of boots. She is equipped with an iron dagger, and carries a selection of common items and gold as well as an additional 50 gold.

Can I marry Daighre Skyrim?

This mod adds adds an immersive way to marry Daighre in the Left Hand Mine in Markarth and adopt her daughter Erith. … – After the player has married Daighre he needs to talk to Erith to officially adopt her.

Can you stop weylin?

Weylin is a Breton witchblade from Markarth. He lives in the Warrens, but will never be seen there because when you enter the city for the first time, he will attempt to murder a woman named Margret. You can either stop him by killing him, or let him commit the murder.

Who’s the hottest girl to marry in Skyrim?

But the hottest women in the game are definitly Muiri and Sylgja. Moonwatcher27 wrote: Brelyna is one of my favourite wives in the game, if the game had upgraded face graphics (without mods), she’d probably look hotter. But the hottest women in the game are definitly Muiri and Sylgja.

Where is Erith Skyrim?

Erith is a Breton child. She is the daughter of Daighre and can be found outside Left Hand Mine outside Markarth.

Can you save Margret?

It is possible to save Margret in the market. There is no significant difference to the plot between saving Margret or allowing Weylin to kill her, although if Margret is saved, she rewards the Dragonborn with a silver emerald necklace.

Are Forsworn bad?

Yes they are good but also bad SINCE every single one has the ability to make their own decisions (i know its a game but hush) after you escape Cidhna mine u are indirectly joining them. Not all Forsworn are bad but a majority are.

Where can I find evidence of weylin?

Finding evidence about Weylin

The entrance is found along the canal by the waterfall. You can talk to the guy named Garvey and ask about Weylin. Further conversation will open up the choice to ask for a key to Weylin’s room. He won’t give it immediately so you’ll have to persuade, bribe or intimidate him.

Can Eltrys marry?

Eltrys is not a marriage candidate normally, so it must be a mod.

How do I fix the forsworn conspiracy glitch?

This bug is fixed by version 1.2. 1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. If you use the console command setstage ms02 10 , then go commit a crime, get yourself arrested, and thrown in jail, the quest will proceed as normal.

How do I start the Cidhna Mine quest?

After completing “The Forsworn Conspiracy,” the Markarth city guards frame the Dragonborn, starting this quest. The Dragonborn is locked in Cidhna Mine and at one point is given the choice to free Madanach and become a Forsworn or to kill him.

Who is Eltrys wife?

Rhiada is married to Eltrys. If the Dragonborn starts “The Forsworn Conspiracy” quest and talks to Eltrys, they will find out that she is pregnant.

Is Eltrys a Forsworn?

Eltrys is a Breton citizen who lives in Markarth. He was recently married to Rhiada and the couple awaits their first baby. After first entering the city, regardless of what happens to Margret, he will talk to you and hand you a note that will start The Forsworn Conspiracy.

What happens if you side with the Forsworn?

The Forsworn are the most common type of hostile NPC encountered in the Reach. … It is not possible to join the Forsworn, but you can side with them through a quest series and one area will become non-hostile.

Why does Rhiada have a key to Eltrys room?

She is the wife of Eltrys and she is with child. Her connections to the Silver-Blood family provide ample opportunity for Eltrys to investigate the recent killings. … She is equipped with an iron dagger, and carries a key to Eltrys’ room as well as a selection of common loot and gold.

Where is yngvar in Skyrim?

He can be found in the Treasury House at night, or in the Silver-Blood Inn during the day. Also, if the Stormcloaks take over, he is the housecarl for the new Jarl.

Can you save Rhiada Skyrim?

You can save her easily by reading his journal through pickpocket (you don’t have to actually steal it.