How much does a 40 hp Johnson outboard weight?

40 hp – 220 lbs.

How much does a 90 hp Johnson weigh?

A Johnson 90 is built on a 1.6 liter cross-flow block and weighs something in the neighborhood of 330 lbs.

What does a 2000 Johnson 115 weigh?


How much does a 1989 Johnson outboard weight?

2-Stroke Series

How much does a 10hp outboard weight?

The 10 hp is about 70 lbs, it 58 they went to a lighter lower unit but still coming in at 67lbs.

What is the lightest 90 hp outboard?

Suzuki DF90
The Suzuki DF90 remains the lightest of the current four strokes at 155kg. The overall lightest 90hp outboard (ignoring traditional two-strokes) is Evinrude’s featherweight 1.3-litre E-Tec 90hp direct fuel injection engine at around 145kg, followed by the Tohatsu TLDI 90hp two-stroke at 153kg.

How much does a 9.9 Johnson weigh?

2-Stroke Series

How much does a 150 Johnson weigh?

The Johnson 150 had 6 cylinders, used a carburetor for fuel induction, and had optimal engine speeds of 4500 to 5500 RPM. It weighed 370 lbs.

How much does a 75hp 2-stroke Mercury outboard weight?

Mercury 75 HP Twostroke
Propshaft Rated Horsepower75hp (56kw)
Trim PositionsPower trim standard
Fuel TankOptoinal
Shaft Length20″ (L)

What is the lightest 9.9 hp 2 stroke outboard?

MERCURY Marine is introducing a new 9.9hp TwoStroke outboard that Mercury claims is the lightest in its class. Weighing in from just 26kg (57lbs), the new 169cc model is not only easier to lift and carry than competitive products, its compact design means it’s simple to handle.

What is the lightest 9.9 hp outboard?

Mercury 9.9hp
New Mercury 9.9hp outboard the lightest in its class – with optional electric start. Mercury Marine is introducing a new 9.9hp TwoStroke outboard that is the lightest in its class – an ultralight, compact and portable engine which provides exceptional power.

What is the lightest 2 stroke outboard?

Completely reinvented and a 2017 IBEX Award Winner, the all-new Yamaha F25 is the lightest 25-horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke.

Specs & Compare.
Engine Type2 cyl
Compression Ratio9.3:1
Fuel Induction SystemEFI
Weight †57kg (126 lbs) – 65kg (143 lbs)
Recommended FuelOctane 87

How much does a 9.9 motor weigh?

9.9hp 4-Stroke Outboard, 15″ Shaft Length
Horsepower9.9 Horsepower
Length15 Inch Shaft Short Shaft
Type4 Stroke
Warranty DetailsThree Years Corrosion Three Years Limited
Weight84 Pounds

Who makes the most reliable 9.9 outboard motor?

Yamaha also produces a “high-thrust” 9.9-horsepower model, which provides up to twice the thrust of comparable 9.9 models, thanks to a large-diameter propeller. While not as well-known as some other brands, Suzuki manufacturers some of the nicest and most durable outboards on the market.

How much does a Suzuki 9.9 outboard weight?

120 lbs.
The Suzuki 9.9 HP outboard engine is lightweight, compact and fuel efficient at 120 lbs.

How heavy is an outboard motor?

Depending on the make and model, they generally range from about 70.5 kg/155 lbs to 163 kg/359 lbs.

How much does a 627 outboard weight?

Weighing in at 467 pounds, the 627Sv is hardly svelte. But with 627 hp on tap, it does the work of two outboards so there is a weight savings in terms of overall power vs. performance.

How much does a 8 hp outboard weight?

Specs & Compare
Engine Type2 cyl
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Fuel Induction SystemCarb
Weight †39 kg (87 lbs) – 40 kg (89 lbs)
Recommended FuelOctane 87

How much heavier is a 4 stroke outboard motor?

While recently there have been some two- and four-stroke models with comparable power and weight, by and large four-stroke outboard engines remain heavier. A four-stroke’s more complex valve systems typically add 10% to 15% or more weight than their two-stroke counterparts.

How heavy is a 20 hp outboard?

Portable 20 hp

At just 126 pounds, it’s suitable for lightweight craft such as aluminum fishing boats, tenders and inflatables.

How much does a 5 hp outboard motor weigh?

The Suzuki 5HP is the lightest petrol outboard on test at just 25kg, which makes a big difference when lifting it.

Are Johnson outboards good?

“The Johnsons were by far the most reliable of all of the engines that we owned. They always started well, never, and I do mean never needed anything beyond routine maintenance…the 1976 70 hp Johnson I owned till last year, and it never gave problems.”