Is JAFRA natural?

This natural elixir transforms an ordinary bee into a queen and provides remarkable benefits for our skin. Radiant colors, revolutionary formulas, irresistible fragrances. Backed by cutting-edge Research and Development, JAFRA unveils exciting innovations and up-to-the-minute trend statements.

Is JAFRA clean?

At JAFRA, our standard of clean beauty is defined by an emphasis on safety, efficacy, ingredient transparency and sustainability. To achieve our standards of safety and efficacy, we qualify all new raw materials and ensure they meet or exceed our requirements.

Is JAFRA a good skincare brand?

A product line that is not only caring to the skin, but advanced enough to produce some really great radiant results. Full of proteins and vitamins, the Jafra Royal Jelly range of products is at the forefront of radiant skin care as well as ensuring the skin’s vitality lasts as long as possible.

Is JAFRA vegan?

DID YOU KNOW? *We do… 0 Animal Testing! (if this is important to you, you might be surprised to learn which companies do animal testing) JAFRA performs rigorous purity, integrity and performance testing on EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT in our lab for up to one year or more BEFORE it goes on the market.

Is Jafra Cosmetics still in business?

Since 2004, JAFRA has been a member of the Vorwerk Group, a family enterprise established in 1883 with headquarters in Germany.

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TypePrivately-held company
RevenueUS$ 500,000 Billion
Members550,000 consultants

How much do you make selling Jafra?

According to Paysa and other sources, Jafra sales consultants have a median annual income of $74,113; about 25% of them make over $78,000, while the top earners get more than $82,000 a year.

What is Jafra Royal Jelly good for?

JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Longevity Crème has the nutrients your skin needs with an extra dose of intense hydration. Alfalfa extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while the age-defying technology of Royal Jelly RJX brings skin back to life, making it feel firm and act young.

Where is Jafra cosmetics manufactured?

Querétaro, Mexico
The 23-acre complex in Querétaro, Mexico, is now Jafra’s lead manufacturing plant as it is 50 percent larger than the company’s previous plant, and can produce up to 200 million units annually, according to the company.

Is Jafra a public company?

The privately-held company has more than 550,000 Independent Consultants) and annual revenue in excess of half a billion U.S. dollars. Since 2004, JAFRA has been a member of the Vorwerk Group, a family enterprise established in 1883 with headquarters in Germany.

Who created Jafra?

Janice Eldredge Day, 77, co-founder of California-based Jafra Cosmetics. Day and her late husband, Frank, created the company 41 years ago in their Malibu home. They coined the company name by linking parts of their first names.

What does Jafra mean?

JAFRAJan and Frank
JAFRAJapan Foundation for Regional Art
JAFRAJapan Association for Rail Advertising (Japan)