What do you light first on a torch?

When igniting the torch what valve should be opened first?


We recommend closing the oxygen valve first whenever turning off an oxy-fuel torch system especially when Acetylene is fuel.

Which torch valve do you turn on first when lighting an oxy acetylene cutter?

What valve on the torch to you open first about a 1/4 turn to light the torch?

Open the torch acetylene valve About 1/4turn. then light it! Then open the acetylene valve until flame cleans up. Turn on the oxygen and preheat valve until desired flame is obtained.

How far should you open the acetylene torch valve when lighting the torch?

The cylinder valve should only be opened 3/4 of a turn. The acetylene cylinder should never be laid down as this will result in the gas becoming unstable.

What should my torch gauges be set at?

The recommended setting is for the fuel gas regulator to be set at 10 psig and the oxygen regulator at 45 psig. This recommendation applies when cutting less than 1.5 inch steel with the use of propane, propylene or natural gas.

How are check valve different than flashback arrestors?

What’s the difference between a check valve and flash back arrestor? A check valve can only prevent the reverse gas flow. However, a Flash Back Arrestor prevents reverse gas flow AND arrests the flashback. A check valve cannot arrest a flash back.

How do you set gauges on oxygen and acetylene?

How do I open my acetylene tank valve?

On cylinders equipped without handwheels, always use the special T- wrench or key for opening and closing acetylene cylinder valves. Leave the T-wrench or key in position, ready for immediate use, so that the acetylene can be quickly turned off in case of emergency.

What is the normal working pressure for acetylene?

The working pressure of acetylene equipment is critical: Acetylene pressure must not exceed 0.62 bar (9psi) unless equipment has been specifically designed for it.

How do you open a oxygen valve?

Place the cylinder wrench on the cylinders on/off valve, located at the top of the cylinder. Open the valve by turning it counter-clockwise one full turn. As the valve opens, the gauge on the regulator will show the amount of pressure in the cylinder.

How do you open a gas valve?

To turn the gas cylinders on (to open gas cylinder valve), turn the valve handwheel anti-clockwise 2 or 3 turns (do not open hard against the stop). To turn off LPG gas cylinder, turn the round valve handwheel located on top of the cylinder clockwise until snug by hand only (don’t over-tighten).

How do you open a nitrous tank?

Using cylinder wrench attached to your unit’s basket, turn the Nitrous Tank yoke valve on 1st by slowly turning the cylinder wrench counter-clockwise (left) to fully open the flow of the tank until you cannot open it further.

What is oxygen cylinder valve?

The oxygen cylinder valve is made largely of brass. … The valve stem packing is compressed by a packing nut. When the valve is opened fully – and it should always be fully opened – a shoulder on the valve stem provides further compression. Oxygen cylinder valves are always provided with handwheels.

How do you turn on an oxygen machine?

What does cf4 mean on oxygen tank?

Continuous flow
Continuous flow (CF) oxygen therapy can be administered at home using either cylinder oxygen or by what is more commonly used today, by a continuous flow unit. The units are generally designed for a stationary setting, although there is a small range of portable continuous flow units available on the market today.

Why must oxygen cylinder valve must be fully opened?

Oxygen cylinders must have the valve opened up all the way because of the high pressure in the cylinder. … This prevents the high-pressure gas from leaking out through the threaded stem.

How far should you turn the oxygen valve when opening it?

Do not use excessive force when opening cylinder valves–use no more than three quarters of a turn if possible. If a problem develops, the valve can then be closed quickly. Leave keys on cylinders when valves are open so the valve can be closed quickly in an emergency.

How do you check the oxygen level in a cylinder?

The amount of oxygen present inside the cylinder is measured by the pressure at the outlet nozzle. The pressure is measured using a high precision MEMS Pressure Sensor. The output of the MEMS pressure sensor is voltage of the order milli. An amplifier is used to amplify this milli volt signal.

What would happen if you completely drained your oxygen cylinder?

Compressed gas cylinders, including oxygen cylinders, should never be emptied completely. Eliminating a positive pressure inside a cylinder can allow contaminants to enter the cylinder and endanger future users.