What does 07 mean in Twitch?

One of the terms some may be unfamiliar with is ‘o7’ though its meaning isn’t as complicated as it might seem. The o7 emote indicates a salute, with the o representing a head and the 7 symbolizing the outstretched arm. This emote often sits as a sign of respect on Twitch.

What does 07 mean in elite dangerous?

o7: An emoticon for a salute. Used to say hello or goodbye, or offer praise or recognition.

What is O7 Eve?

Overall, o7 is used to represent a salute in online gaming, specifically in the online video game EVE. It is used as a friendly, respectful greeting, and is used to show the other player that the person means no harm.

What is a HJ?

What do /J and /HJ mean on TikTok? It’s actually fairly simple: /J means “joking” while /HJ means “half-joking.” It appears that the millennial abbreviation JK — or “just kidding” — wasn’t cutting it.

What does 07 mean in TikTok?

The emoticon O7 (usually typed as “o7”) means “I Salute You.”

What does 07 mean in text?

“O7” is an emoticon that means to salute a person.

You might also see it written as 07 or O7.

What does IH mean in text?

According to Urban Dictionary, the acronym “IH” has a few meanings. For starters, the most common definition of the acronym is “I’m high.” This can be used to tell others that you’re under the influence. Not to mention, this allows users to express themselves in as few characters as possible.

What does J mean on discord?

/j – joking. /hj – half-joking. … /ij – inside joke.

What does POS mean on twitter?

its a tone indicator ! it means “positive” !

What does YH mean on TikTok?

First Definition of YH

“Yeah” is the most common definition for YH on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. YH. Definition: Yeah.

What nm means?

not much
Nm is internet slang for not much or nevermind.

What does YH mean in slang?

YH stands for:

Yeah. “Yeah” is an abbreviated way to say “yes.” An already short word at just four letters, yeah is transformed into a two-letter abbreviation by taking out the two vowels. Lifewire.

What does Omcm mean in text?

OMCMOperations Management Capabilities Model
OMCMMaster Chief Opticalman (Naval Rating)
OMCMOregon Maritime Center and Museum (Portland)

What does 🥜 mean on TikTok?

There are other emojis that TikTok users gave new meanings to. … Not only does the brain emoji have a new meaning on TikTok, but when you see two hand emojis with the pointer finger pointing inward toward each other, it’s a symbol for shyness.

What does YHYH mean on Snapchat?

YHYH means “Yeah, Yeah.” It is used as a quick reply in the affirmative (i.e., to say yes), in a similar way to YH (“Yeah”).

What does FF mean on Snapchat?

“Fan Fiction” is the most common definition for FF on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, and Instagram. FF.

What is cute af?

“cute af” is a high compliment! Not applicable to someone ugly. What does AF mean? The effective meaning of af is “really” or “very”. Saying “as f**k” will sound rude/offensive to some people, especially in public.

What is FF in social media?

FF is an abbreviation for “Follow Friday”, a term that is widely used on a few social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. People use it mainly on social media, but it can also be found in texting, email, online chat, etc.

What does TBT mean on Snapchat?

“Throwback Thursday” is the most common definition for TBT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What is #ff on twitter?

Follow Friday
FF or Follow Friday. This is a weekly opportunity to say thank you and recommend other people on Twitter to follow. You simply use the hashtag #FF and then list the @handles of the people you suggest to follow.

What means FF in lol?

FF means ‘forfeit‘ in League of Legends. It is a slang that is used by players to ask the other teammates to surrender in the match.

What does TB mean on Instagram?

“Text Back” is the most common definition for TB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. TB.