Which is the first fist skin in free fire?

1. Flaming Fist. This was the first fist skin introduced in Free Fire. It came in the Plinko event around October last year.

How do you get the free fire hand?

Equip your favourite guns, play the training mode for 15 minutes, and then play the ranked match with the same guns. Repeat it for some days, and it will help to increase your hand speed.

What is the ability of flaming fist?

This special ability automatically modifies normal attacks; no weapon-switching needs to be done.

How do you get the flaming fist skin in Free Fire 2021?

How to obtain the Flaming Fist skin in Garena Free Fire. As mentioned earlier, this skin, for now, can only be availed from the Plinko 2.0 event. In this event, there are three types of prizes that can be won — Basic, Premium, and Grand.

How do you get free fist in Free Fire?

Through the in-game store – You can get Free Fire First Elite Pass by going to the in-game store of the game. Click on “Evil Enchanted Banner” After that click on “Upgrade Button” Two options will be available — Elite pass and Elite Bundle.

How do you get Saitama in free fire?

Step 1: Users must open Garena Free Fire and press the calendar icon on the lobby screen’s right side. Step 2: Next, they have to tap the ‘One Punch Man – The Hero Trial’ tab and click the ‘Mega Punch’ option. Step 4: Lastly, they have to click the claim button to receive the Saitama Loot Box.

How do you get free fire diamonds?

Best Methods to Get Free Fire MAX Diamonds for Free
  1. Method #1: Google Opinion Rewards.
  2. Method #2: BOOYAH! Events.
  3. Method #3: Easy Rewards.
  4. Method #4: Poll Pay.
  5. Method #5: Custom Rooms for Free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

What is my free fire ID?

Here’s the way to find your Free Fire Player ID:

Use your account to login to the game. Click on your avatar in the top-left corner. Your Free FIre Player ID will be displayed.

How do you get diamonds in FF without top up?

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire without top-up or hacks
  1. Google Opinion Rewards. Google Opinion Rewards is one of the authentic ways to obtain in-game currency without paying any money. …
  2. Booyah! app. …
  3. Giveaways. Several Instagram pages and YouTube channels host regular giveaways. …
  4. Custom Rooms on YouTube. …
  5. GPT apps.

Which app is best for free Fire diamond?

Top 5 Best Apps To Buy Free Fire Diamonds And DJ Alok In 2021
  • 5 Best Apps To Buy Free Fire Diamonds and DJ Alok.
  • SeaGM. SEAGM UI. …
  • PayTM. Paytm is a well known payments application used by millions of users. …
  • MooGold. Moogold. …
  • GamesKharido. DJ Alok In Free Fire. …
  • CodaShop. Buy Free Fire Diamonds.

Who is the king of Free Fire?

Ravichandra Vigneshwer
Ravichandra Vigneshwer, aka GT King or Gaming Tamizhan, is a YouTuber who creates Free Fire content in the Tamil language.

What is AJJU Bhai Free Fire ID?

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID

His Free Fire ID number is 451012596, and his IGN is ajjubhai94.

Who is noob in Free Fire?

Lokesh Gamer
Lokesh Gamer is called the Richest Noob in Free Fire by his fans in the Indian gaming community. He owns a YouTube channel named after himself and it has more than 12.4 Million subscribers.

Who is the GT King?

Ravichandra Vigneshwer
Ravichandra Vigneshwer, popularly known as GT King, is a popular YouTuber who creates Free Fire content in Tamil. His YouTube channel, called “Gaming Tamizhan,” currently has 2.48 million subscribers. GT King only had 940k subscribers on the channel a year ago. Since then, he has amassed 1.5 million subscribers.

Who is the Queen of Free Fire?

Sooneetha Thapa Magar is the queen of free fire in the world. she is also a eminent female content creator and a youtuber. she has 4 million subscribers.

Who is real AJJU Bhai?

Total Gaming is an Indian YouTube channel whose owner is Ajay (people know him as Ajjubhai).

Total Gaming Wiki/Bio (Ajju Bhai)
Real NameAjay
EducationDiploma Dropout
Aug 9, 2021

Who is richest player in Free Fire?

‘ When it comes to rich players in Free Fire, your mind crosses some popular names like Dyland pros, Lokesh Gamer who is known to be the richest noob in Free Fire (funnily called by his fans) and few others. We are now talking about the richest pro player.

Lifetime Squad stats.
Sep 5, 2021

How can I become a pro player in Free Fire?

To become a Free Fire pro player, one needs to keep knocking one’s opponents till the last man remains. The game has gained popularity in the mobile gaming industry. It is the most downloaded game on the Google Play Store. Garena Free Fire has now moved to esports.

What is age of AJJU Bhai?

Ajju Bhai Bio/Wiki
Real BaneAjay
NicknameAjju Bhai (Ajju Bhai 94)
Age23 Years
Date of Birth1998
BirthplaceAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
Dec 16, 2021

Who is girlfriend of total gaming?

Let us have a look at his in-game stats. Ajjubhai Free Fire ID is “451012596“. His in-game name is ajjubhai94.

Total Gaming – Ajju Bhai Biography, Girlfriend, Stats & HD Photos.
Age28 Years (As in 2021)
Weight75 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Skin ColorFair
Sep 28, 2021

What is total gaming real name?

Ajju Bhai
Ajay, better known online as Total Gaming (commonly known as Ajju Bhai), is an Indian gaming YouTuber who live-streams the battle royale game Garena Free Fire to YouTube.