How does the Zello app work?

It simulates traditional two-way radios, with a walkie-talkie style of communication. The app allows to talk one-on-one to a single person or in a channel with a group of people, and offers additional features such as history, replay last message, notifications and Bluetooth device support.

Does Zello work without cell service or WIFI?

Zello cannot work without internet access, but if both you and your contact are within one network, the voice will be transferred using the shortest way – WiFi network in your case. Internet will be used only to log into zello network and do some service data exchange, it will be less than 1 kiB per second.

Do you need a phone number for Zello?

Sign up for an account.

If you don’t have an existing Zello account, you’ll need to make one from scratch. The process is quick, only asking for a username, an e-mail address, a password and an optional phone number.

Can Zello be used without internet?

Zello is a phone app that can be used like a walkie-talkie, but internet access is required to use it.

How far does Zello reach?

Unlike walkie talkies there is no specific distance the Zello app can broadcast. That’s because users aren’t actually broadcasting, they’re adding their messages to a channel using data or Wi-Fi.

What is the range of Zello walkie talkie?

Number of Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Item Weight0.02 Pounds
Talking Range Maximum5 Kilometers

Is Zello any good?

If you want to talk to more people Zello is the best walkie talkie app around. With over 130 million users Zello is the most popular walkie talkie push-to-talk (PTT) app in the world. Zello is also the highest rated PTT app in Google Play (4.5 with over 730K reviews) and the App Store (4.6 with over 14.3 reviews).

Does Zello use a lot of data?

The Zello app consumes 20 kB (kilobytes) per hour when idle (160 kilobits). Zello will use between 12kbps and 45 kbps (kilobits per second, or 1.5 to 5.625 kilobytes per second) when talking, depending on the connection type. If both users are on WiFi, it will use 45 kbps. …

Where can I find Zello channels?

You can also find channels to join by listening to channels displayed in the Trending Lists. If you find a channel you like, go to the channel profile and select “Add.” Zello can also be a social radio platform for you or a business.

Does Zello cost money?


Zello is free. This includes one-to-one channels and public channels. Premium channels are available for a fee (typically $0.99).

Does Zello track your location?

The new Location Tracking feature enhances the value of our push-to-talk solution for many Zello customers, and provides anyone using the administrator console with a map view of Zello users’ locations anywhere in the neighborhood or around the world.

Can I use my phone as a walkie talkie?

X-TALK, the free walkie-talkie app developed by CROSSCALL

Available on all Android smartphones, the app allows CROSSCALL users to create a discussion group and communicate instantly with its members. … In fact, the new CROSSCALL smartphones are equipped with a specific PTT button for quick and easy access to the app.

Is zello monitored?

Zello does face a higher hurdle than some other apps; because it’s a live, voice-based app, Zello can’t monitor what people say using automation the way, say, Facebook does. Zello users often also flag content as a way to retaliate against others on the platform, rather than reporting actual abuses of the system.

How does zello app make money?

The app itself is free and Zello makes money off of its commercial offering called ZelloWork, for which the company has about 1,000 business costumers. Think of it as a dispatch or communication service for companies with employees who don’t typically sit at their desks — such as transportation companies.

Is there a real CB radio app?

CB Talk is a free app available for both Android and iOS.

How far does the walkie talkie app work?

It’s range is anywhere you can connect to the internet. I’ve done 300 miles between my Wife and myself. But around the world is just as possible. Make sure your iPhone is allowing FaceTime over your cellular connection.

Can I turn my phone into a 2 way radio?

Two-way radio apps don’t come any easier than Walkie-talkie. The app works across Android, iOS, and in any desktop web browser. … Just tune your devices to the same frequency, push the button, and you’re ready to talk.

Do truckers use zello?

We have many truckers who use Zello instead of CB radios to talk to fellow truckers – it makes life on the road a little easier. To further help ease the stress of long-haul trucking, we’ve found a fantastic little app that is a perfect complement to Zello.

Is CB radio illegal?

The Communications Act of 1934 (the “Act”) prohibits anyone from transmitting “energy or communications or signals by radio within the United States except under and in accordance with the Act and with a license.” CB operators are not required to have a license because the FCC’s rules authorize their operation, but …

How do I turn my phone into a CB radio?

How much data does zello use per month?

If using ZelloWork, the active data rate can be configured in the range between 8 kbps and 40 kbps. Average monthly data usage is generally from 70-100 MB, although individual usage may vary.