How did Chalino Sanchez die?

Chalino himself was killed in 1992, after being pulled over at a traffic circle by a group of armed men who flashed state police identification cards. Chalino was then blindfolded, tied up and shot in the head twice.

When did Adan Chalino Sanchez die?

March 27, 2004
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Is Adan Sanchez dead?

Deceased (1984–2004)
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How old was Chalino Sanchez when he died?

31 years (1960–1992)
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What year did Adan Sanchez born?

April 14, 1984
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Where is Adan Chalino Sanchez buried?

Rosalino “Chalino” Sanchez
Birth30 Aug 1960 El Guayabo, Culiacán Municipality, Sinaloa, Mexico
Death16 May 1992 (aged 31) Culiacán, Culiacán Municipality, Sinaloa, Mexico
BurialPanteón de Los Vasitos Los Vasitos, Culiacán Municipality, Sinaloa, Mexico
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What happened Chalino’s wife?

Marisela Sanchez was left a widow after the unfortunate killing of her husband. Another event that added to her pain was the death of her son Adan in 2004. Adan was involved in a road accident that took his life while he was visiting Sinaloa in Mexico, his dad’s hometown.

What did Chalino Sanchez do to his sister?

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Does Chalino Sanchez have a son?

Chalino Sánchez/Sons
Adán Sánchez. Torrance, California, U.S. Adán Santos Sánchez Vallejo (April 14, 1984 – March 27, 2004), known professionally as Adán Chalino Sánchez in honour to his father, was a Mexican American singer and composer. Like his father, he specialized in Regional Mexican music.