Is smurfing allowed in osu?

Smurfing is popular in a lot of games with matchmaking because players want to get matched with people below their skill level. It makes absolutely no sense in Osu, however, and is actually a bannable offense for your smurf as well as your main account.

Why is multi accounting bad in osu?

The main purpose why osu doesn’t allow multiple accounts is because improvement in osu can only be seen by looking at a player becoming better over time. This system literally forces to be either a player who plays for years or a player who grinds playcount like a mad man for months (Rafis for example.)

How long do osu bans last?

Anywhere from 3 months to eternity depending on what you did and if the staff decides to unban you based on your appeals.

Can you get unbanned from osu?

Account Unban. All you need to do in order to appeal your Osu! account ban is to send an e-mail to their Support, at

Does OSU IP ban?

osu! your IP was blocked because it was used as part of a botnet DDoS attack. if you have a static IP, you may want to run some virus scanners on your PC.

What is multi accounting and how can you get banned?

Using Multiple Accounts

You can get banned instantly if they are able to detect that you are playing multiple accounts to increase your SLP gains. However, playing the same account on multiple devices (PC/Laptop/Mobile Devices) is okay.

How long do OSU appeals take?

A letter of approval or denial will be emailed to you from the Registrar’s Office. Please allow 30-45 business days for your appeal to be processed. Please allow additional time at the beginning or end of the term.

Does OSU ban Hwid?

Circumvents HWID bans on osu without tampering with any windows settings. Also inadvertently removes the need to validate your email. Osu-Bypass mapped into game (I use a manual map via thread hijacking to load my code). …

Where can I buy OSU Lazer?

lazer is also available for windows (it has been for a year or more). just download install.exe from the same place as my last tweet (…). it will install alongside your existing install and stay up-to-date.

How do I email OSU support?

The IT Service Desk offers 24-hour support, seven days a week, via email and phone.
  1. Phone: 614-688-4357(HELP)
  2. Email:

Can you appeal Ohio State?

You have the right to appeal.

Please see the Code of Student Conduct, Section 3335-23-18 and our webpage explaining the appeal process for further information. If you appeal: While the appeal is under review, your status as an Ohio State student is the same as it was before receiving your outcome letter.

Can you play osu on a phone?

Who is ppy?

Dean Herbert (@ppy) / Twitter.

Can osu Lazer submit scores?

lazer score submissions are finally coming!!

Is OSU game free?

osu! lazer is a free and open-source remake of the original game client under heavy development.

Is Opsu the same as OSU?

opsu! is an unofficial open-source client for the rhythm game osu!, written in Java using Slick2D and LWJGL (wrappers around OpenGL and OpenAL). opsu! runs on Windows, OS X, Linux. A libGDX port also supports Android devices.

Can you play OSU with a mouse?

“Osu!” is a free music game that lets you use a mouse, tablet or touch screen to follow along with different songs.

Is Osu game Japanese?

Some might guess that “Osu” is a Japanese game marketed in its own country, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually developed in Australia, and Japan is only the sixth-most popular country for “Osu” players — America holds the number-one spot.

What age is Osu?


What is PP in Osu?

In Osu!, pp stands for performance points. There are two main contexts to consider pp in, at the beatmap level and at the account level. On an individual beatmap, pp is based on the difficulty of the song and one’s accuracy score on the song.

Who owns Elite Beat?

As the second of three rhythm games developed by iNiS specifically for the DS, it is the spiritual sequel and international counterpart to Osu! Tatakae!
Elite Beat Agents
Director(s)Keiichi Yano
Designer(s)Keiichi Yano
Artist(s)Kotaro Umeji
SeriesOsu! Tatakae! Ouendan