What is another word for tout?

What is another word for tout?

What does it mean when you call someone a tout?

5. a person who solicits business in a brazen way. 6. Also called: ticket tout. a person who sells tickets unofficially for a heavily booked sporting event, concert, etc, at greatly inflated prices.

How do you use tout in a sentence?

Examples of tout in a Sentence

Verb The company is running advertisements touting the drug’s effectiveness. The company’s stock is being touted by many financial advisers. People were touting tickets outside the stadium. People were touting outside the stadium.

What is the opposite of Tout?

Opposite of to encourage or praise vocally. boo. jeer. ridicule. knock.

Has touted meaning?

to advertise, talk about, or praise something or someone repeatedly, especially as a way of encouraging people to like, accept, or buy something: The minister has been touting these ideas for some time. He is being widely touted as the next leader of the party.

Is tout a negative word?

Generally, tout has a negative connotation because a tout is someone who is stealing, cheating or at the very least violating the spirit of fair play. There are, however, common uses of the term in betting that are not negative.

What is a tout on a website?

Tout was an online social networking service and microblogging service that enabled its users to send and view 15-second videos, known as “touts.” The service’s core technology was created at SRI International by Michael Downing based on two patents owned by that company.

What part of speech is tout?

transitive verb
part of speech:transitive verb
inflections:touts, touting, touted

What is a tout in Nigeria?

Naijalingo: tout. Tout. Definition: area boy, agbero. basically rowdy guys on the street.

How do you pronounce tout?

What does soliciting someone mean?

1a : to make petition to : entreat. b : to approach with a request or plea solicited Congress for funding. 2 : to urge (something, such as one’s cause) strongly. 3a : to entice or lure especially into evil. b : to proposition (someone) especially as or in the character of a prostitute.

Is tout masculine or feminine?

Jun 9, 2021

How do you use tout as an adverb?

“Tout” is used as an adverb when it is in front of an adjective (except possessive and demonstrative adjectives, as seen above, in this case “tout” is an indefinite adjective) or another adverb. It means “extremely, entirely”. As an adverb, “tout” is invariable, it has only one form: “tout” pronounced “too”.

What is soliciting a girl?

A person commits Solicitation of a Sexual Act when they offer a person not his or her spouse any money, property, token, object, or article or anything of value for that person to perform any act of sexual penetration, or any touching or fondling of the sex organs of one person by another person for the purpose of …

Is soliciting a crime?

Solicitation is an inchoate crime that involves seeking out another person to engage in a criminal act. A defendant may be charged with solicitation if he or she requests or induces another person to commit an act that would amount to a felony.

What do you understand by soliciting advices?

1 verb If you solicit money, help, support, or an opinion from someone, you ask them for it.

What can you not say to a minor?

Under California Penal Code Section 288.2, it is illegal to knowingly send, mail or email erotic material to a minor with the intent of arousing yourself or the minor. For example, if you were to chat with minors online and sent the minor a nude photo of yourself, you could be charged under Penal Code Section 288.2.