What is another name for African mango?

Irvingia gabonensis (IG) is the Latin name of the tree grown in Central and West Africa that produces a fruit similar to a mango and nicknamed African mango, wild mango, dika nut, or bush mango.

What is the botanical name of Ogbono tree?

Irvingia is a genus of African and Southeast Asian trees in the family Irvingiaceae, sometimes known by the common names wild mango, African mango, bush mango, dika, mbukpap uyo or ogbono.

What is Ogbono soup called in English?

Ogbono soup has a mucilaginous (slimy) texture, similar to okra soup.

Ogbono soup.
Alternative namesDraw Soup
Main ingredientsOgbono seeds, water, oil, leaf vegetables (bitterleaf and celosia), other vegetables, seasonings, meat

What is Bush mango in Yoruba?


What is Irvingia?

How does it work ? Irvingia gabonensis seeds might lower cholesterol because of their high fiber content. The fiber increases removal of cholesterol from the body. Some research suggests that Irvingia gabonensis seeds might also affect fat cells, which might reduce fat cell growth and increase the breakdown of fats.

Is Ogbono a mango seed?

Ogbono seeds are also known as the bush mango seeds while the botanical name is Irvingia gabonensis. These seeds are also called wild African mango, the Igbos call it Ogbono while it is called Apon by the Yorubas.

What is Ugiri English?

Wild Mango
Wild Mango is a fruit that grows in tropical rain-forests along the African Atlantic coast. The kernels of its seeds are used as a thickener. Called “Ugiri” in Nigeria where the kernels are used a great deal, the tree is not actually related to the Mango at all, but Wild Mango is the most common translation in English.

What is Irvingia gabonensis used for?

Irvingia gabonensis is traditionally used as a weight loss supplement to aid in eliminating obesity. Some prelimary research suggests Irvingia gabonensis helps lower blood sugar and lipid levels in type 2 diabetes patients. This supplement has also been used for hyperlipidemia and pain.

What is the work of Ugiri?

Vitamin C plays many crucial roles in your health, but it’s particularly important for its role as an antioxidant and immune-system booster ( 2 , 3 ). Ugli fruit also contains several other vitamins and minerals, as well as plant compounds known as phenols, which have many health benefits ( 4 ).

What is the Igbo name for pawpaw?

Common names: English: Pawpaw; Igbo: Okwuru-ezi, Okwuru- bekee, Mgbimgbi; Yoruba: Ibepe.

What is the English name for Upaka?

What is Ugba / Ukpaka (African Oil bean seed) Ugba or Ukpaka as it’s also called is the seed from the African oil bean tree. This is a tree found in the tropics and belongs to the leguminoseae family.

What is the botanical name of Ugiri?

Ugiri, the tree that bears ugiri cotyledon, botanically called Irinvigia gabonensis is popularly grown in moist dense gallery and semi deciduous lowlands/forests of African countries (Haris, 1999), but most commonly found in West African countries (Ejiofor, 1987).

What is Igbo name for pineapple?

pineapple—Akwuolu,oku ocha. garden egg—anyara. groundnut—apapa or ahuekele. udara – cherry. pawpaw – okwulu oyibo.

What is the Igbo name for watermelon?

IGBO History & Facts on Twitter: “Names of fruits in Igbo Language: Banana – Unere Mushroom – Ero Water melon – Anyụ mmiri Groundnut – Ahụekere Pineapple – Nkwụaba Coconut – Aki oyibo Apple – Achicha Paw paw – Mbukpa Tomato – Otuboala African star apple – Udara Plantain – Ojoko Velvet tamarind – Ịcheku …” / Twitter.

What is the Igbo name for tomato?

עגבניות tat-tada… yaanyo. nyanya.

What is the Igbo name for orange?

Orange (oroma), pear (ube), Apple (ụdara), banana (unere) | Vocabulary words, Vocabulary, Words.

What is Udara?

Udara, the main ingredient in this cocktail, is a fruit native to West Africa, with a distinctive sweet and tart orange flesh, when ripe. It goes by a few names in Nigeria, and across Western Africa; Udara, Agbalumo, Udala. … Traditionally in Nigeria, Udara is eaten raw as a snack.