Is Chris Paul still out?

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul has opted out of the final year of his contract, making him a free agent, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

What is Chris Paul’s injury?

Speaking to Time Magazine about the one-year anniversary of the player boycott in the bubble, Paul discussed both his injury and how getting a taste of the Finals has him eager to return. He recently had wrist surgery, and says he’s now rehabbing every morning starting at 6 a.m.

Is Chris Paul cleared to play?

Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul passes exam, cleared to return for Game 3 vs. LA Clippers, according to report. … Paul had missed the first two games of the series after entering the NBA’s COVID-19 protocol last week.

Where is Chris Paul right now?

#3 / Point guard
Chris Paul/Current teams

Is Chris Paul in Game 3?

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul is expected to rejoin his team for Thursday’s Game 3 of the Western Conference finals against the LA Clippers. He is listed as available on the NBA’s official injury report.

How much does Chris Paul make from State Farm?

It’s not known precisely how much he makes from State Farm. According to Sportskeeda, he makes $8 million per year from his endorsements, including deals with State Farm, Nike, Air Jordan, Panini and Tissot. That’s a fair bit of cash added to his $44 million salary with the Suns for 2020-21.

Why does Chris Paul wear 3?

Where did the nickname CP3 come from? The CP in CP three comes from his initials Chris Paul. The 3 is because his dad and his brother, who also have the initials CP, are CP1 and CP2. He also wears the number 3 on his jersey.

How much is Chris Paul averaging 2021?

Chris Paul had 16.4 points per game in 2020-21.
Chris Paul2020-2116.4

How many 3s does Chris Paul Average?

Chris Paul has averaged 1.7 three-pointers per game in the playoffs in his career.

What does CP3 mean?

CP3Center for Particle Physics and Phenomenology (Catholic University of Louvain; Louvain-la-Neuve; Belgium)
CP3Third Ward Calliope Housing Projects (New Orleans, LA)
CP3Carl Powell 3rd (Alabama)
CP3Centrepiece 3 (DT Services content management system)

When was LeBron born?

December 30, 1984 (age 37 years)
LeBron James/Date of birth
LeBron James, in full LeBron Raymone James, byname King James, (born December 30, 1984, Akron, Ohio, U.S.), American professional basketball player who is widely considered one of the greatest all-around players of all time and who won National Basketball Association (NBA) championships with the Miami Heat (2012 and …

How tall is CP3?

6′ 0″
Chris Paul/Height

Why do they call Chris Paul CP3?

Paul’s family nicknamed him CP3 because he, his father and brother all share the same C.P. initials. The basketball star is also an avid bowler and owns a franchise in the Professional Bowlers Association league.

What does CP3 mean Chris Paul?

Chris Paul was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to Charles Edward Paul and Robin Jones. He grew up in Lewisville with his older brother, Charles “C.J.” Paul. His family gave him the nickname “CP3” because he, his father, and his brother all share the same initials.

Who is point God?

Paul’s 14 assists against the Lakers took several forms. Playing with a deep roster around him, he has many passing targets to which he can rack up the assists. True to his nature as the “Point God,” Paul’s floor awareness approaches near-omniscient levels. He has a unique connection with movers and cutters.

Who is Chris Paul’s wife?

Chris Paul/Wife

What is Chris Paul salary?

38.51 million USD (2019)
Chris Paul/Salary

What height is Kevin Durant?

6′ 10″
Kevin Durant/Height