Is it OK to sing on YouTube?

Songs are protected by copyright, and if you don’t get the right licenses, your YouTube cover song could be removed and you risk losing your entire channel. … In rare instances, you might even be sued for copyright infringement.

Can you be a Youtuber and a singer?

Now, countless musicians are being discovered and making their music on YouTube. And without a record label, tour manager or agent, it’s easier than ever to upload a video and become a famous singer almost instantly. Now here’s the beautiful part: Almost anyone can do this!

How can I keep from singing tutorial?

Who sings How can I keep from singing?

How Can I Keep From Singing?/Artists

How do singers get discovered on YouTube?

How do I claim a topic channel?

You need to send an email to and ask for an Official Artist Channel with links to your main channel, your topic channel and 3 links to your videos uploaded by your publisher (Distrokid etc).

How can I keep from singing your praise acapella?

Why do topic channels disable comments?

Thanks for the follow up – auto-generated music videos, or art tracks, only have still images, and their comments can’t be moderated. That’s why we’ve decided to disable this type of engagement on these contents. Hope this helps clarify.

Why do topic channels have no comments?

The comments have been disabled by Youtube because the Youtube team has decided to. It has nothing to do with children. They should re enable comments on art tracks because I prefer to be able to read the comments on a music track.

Why did YouTube remove topic comments?

“Using a combination of people and technology, we remove comments that violate our Community Guidelines. We also filter comments which we have high confidence are spam into a ‘Likely spam’ folder that creators can review and approve if they choose.

Why are all the comments disabled on YouTube 2021?

Every YouTube creator, regardless of their location, is legally required to comply with them. YouTube comments are automatically made unavailable when a video is private, or the channel or video’s audience has been made for kids.

Did YouTube disable comments 2021?

Why does my comment keep disappearing after few seconds on YouTube channels?

The reason why you can’t find your comment could be: Either the channel creator may have removed your comment or someone else may have reported your comment if they found it offensive. Comments on Youtube don’t disappear on their own.

Does YouTube remove link comments?

They let you put links and hashtags in comments as much as you like, but they are not your main problem. … Messages from live chats with URLs will also be deleted. Comments with hashtags and links will be available on the Comments page under Held for review. They will be there for 60 days and then will be deleted.

How do I disable YouTube comments?

Change comment settings on a video
  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Click a video’s thumbnail.
  4. Scroll down. click SHOW MORE.
  5. Under “Comments and ratings,” choose your comment settings.
  6. Click Save.

Why do my comments always disappear on YouTube?

It could be that your comments contain words the channel owner has blacklisted, this means your comment will be sent to their review folder. Do your comments contain links or hashtags? If so it could be that they have set their channel to hold such comments for review, and so your comment goes to their review folder.