What is the German drinking toast?

1. “Prost! “ Translation: “Cheers!

What does it mean when someone says Prost?

[proːst] interjection. cheers, cheerio (Brit); (hum: beim Niesen) bless you.

Does Prost mean in German?

Starting with an expression you’re likely to hear a lot at Oktoberfest, this is how to say ‘cheers! It’s easy to remember this German toast as the pronunciation rhymes with toast. … You might also hear ein Prosit, which means ‘a toast’, as a signal for you to raise your glass along with your fellow revelers.

How do you make a toast in German?

Prost! Translation: Cheers! Toss on an “Ein Toast!” at the end to encourage a celebratory “bottoms up!” before drinking your Märzen with friends. Fun fact: if you find yourself in Switzerland with a beer in hand, you can substitute “Broscht!” for “Prost!” This is the Swiss-German way to say “Cheers!”