What does FT mean in social media?

The abbreviation, “ft.” means featuring if it appears before a name. When someone collaborates with another person in a video, “ft.” is used to credit that person.

What does FT mean in text on Instagram?

“Featuring” is a common definition for FT in music related chat on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. FT. Definition: Featuring.

What does FT mean tinder?

FT means FaceTime on Text.

What does ft stand for on YouTube?

The abbreviation, ‘ft. ‘ means that an artiste is featuring another artiste on YouTube. You can easily identify this on the title of the music video on YouTube. It is much easier and shorter to put the abbreviation ‘ft. ‘ instead of the full word ‘featuring’ on the title of music videos on YouTube.

What is FT before the name?

Abbreviation of featuring (used to introduce guest performer(s) on a musical recording)