How did Naomi Wildman age so quickly?

Half-human, half-Ktarian daughter of Samantha Wildman, the first child born on the U.S.S. Voyager after it was swept into the Delta Quadrant. … The Ktarian half of Naomi’s physiology caused her to grow very quickly; by the age of two, she resembled a four-year-old human child.

How old is Naomi Voyager?

Commander Naomi Wildman, age 37.

What happened to Samantha Wildman on Star Trek: Voyager?

Hower had a recurring role as Ensign Samantha Wildman on the popular sci-fi series Star Trek: Voyager. She appeared in eight episodes spanning the series’ seven-year run. Her character in the series was named after a real life 7-year-old girl who died in an accident.

What ship was Naomi Wildman assigned to?

U.S.S. Hathaway
In 2398, Naomi Wildman was assigned to the U.S.S. Hathaway as helm officer. Three years later, she became the ship’s second officer.

Who is the little girl in Star Trek?

Scarlett Pomers
Scarlett Pomers (born November 28, 1988) is a former American actress and singer-songwriter. Her most recognizable roles have been as Naomi Wildman on Star Trek: Voyager (1998–2001) and Kyra Hart on the television series Reba (2001–2007).

Adventures in OdysseyRecurring

Who played adult Naomi Wildman?

Vanessa Branch (born 21 March 1973; age 48) is the actress who played the adult version of Naomi Wildman in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode “Shattered”.

What episode of Voyager is Naomi Wildman born?

Wildman finally gives birth in “Deadlock” on Stardate 49548.7 (19 July 2372), 15 months later.

How long was Ensign Wildman pregnant?

Though initially reluctant, Biller took Taylor’s offer for the “opportunity to write television that was about something.” Taylor and Biller conceded that it was UPN’s holding back of the episode until the second season that resulted in Ensign Wildman’s strange gestation period of seven or eight months.

How old is Scarlett Pomers now?

33 years (November 28, 1988)
Scarlett Pomers/Age
Scarlett Noel Pomers (born 28 November 1988; age 33) is an American actress and singer who has worked in television, film, and theater. She is most recognized by Star Trek fans for her three years on Star Trek: Voyager as Naomi Wildman. Her other most famous acting role was that of Kyra Hart in the hit TV sitcom Reba.

Who is Naomi Wildmans father?

Naomi Wildman/Father

Who played Treevis on Voyager?

Justin Louis (born 20 February 1967; age 54), also known as Louis Ferreira, is the actor who played the holographic fairy tale character Trevis in the Star Trek: Voyager fifth season episode “Once Upon a Time”.

Who played icheb on Picard?

Manu Intiraymi
Manu Intiraymi (born April 22, 1978) is a film actor, writer, director and producer. As an actor, he is known for playing the former Borg Icheb on the television series Star Trek: Voyager, and as Billy on One Tree Hill.

How old was Scarlett Pomers in Reba?

33 years (November 28, 1988)
Scarlett Pomers/Age

What nationality is chakotay?

Commander Chakotay, portrayed by Robert Beltran, on Star Trek: Voyager was of Native American descent, but the actor himself is a Mexican American. So it makes perfect sense that the series would hire a Native American to help shape the character of Chakotay. So a man known as Jamake Highwater was brought on board.

What race is Robert Beltran?

Bakersfield, California, U.S. Robert Adame Beltran (born November 19, 1953) is a Mexican-American actor, known for his role as Commander Chakotay on the 1990s television series Star Trek: Voyager.

Is chakotay still alive?

The alternative future seen at the start of the episode showed that Seven and Chakotay were eventually married, but she died while Voyager was still travelling home. Chakotay died in 2394, following Voyager’s return, and Admiral Janeway visits his grave marker in that episode.

Is chakotay a vegetarian?

Chakotay has previously stated in the series that he is a vegetarian. Seven’s Holodeck behavior in this episode is reminiscent of the “holodiction” of Reginald Barclay, Voyager’s contact with Earth, especially in his first appearance Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hollow Pursuits (1990).

Is Janeway a Picard?

Kate Mulgrew happy to return to the role of Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Prodigy. And Picard isn’t the only new Star Trek show coming our way; far from it. This year will see the debut of Star Trek: Prodigy, an animated Trek show aimed at younger fans.

What is Tuvok’s first name?

Tim Russ portrayed Tuvok throughout the show’s run from 1995 to 2001, and has also been involved in subsequent portrayals.
First appearance“Caretaker” (1995)
Last appearance“Endgame” (2001)
Portrayed byTim Russ
In-universe information

Was chakotay a Maquis?

Chakotay was a Human Starfleet officer and Maquis leader in the 24th century. Chakotay served as first officer of the Federation starship USS Voyager during that vessel’s harrowing seven-year journey in the Delta Quadrant.

What is commander chakotay first name?

Full name:Chakotay
Known aliases:Jason Hayek Amal Kotay

What does the name chakotay mean?

man who strolls the soil but
The meaning of Chakotay is ‘man who strolls the soil but who only sees the sky’. It is of American origin. Chakotay is an anecdotal character in the American science fiction TV series Star Trek: Voyager.