What does Dala mean in Pashto?


What does za Mara means?

Zamara Name Meaning of To sing forth strongly or To shout out loud.

What does Lewanay mean in Pashto?

crazy person
لېونی • (lewanáy) m. crazy person, nutter, nutjob, basketcase.

What does Janam mean in Pashto?

janam means ” loved one “ (dear)

How do you pronounce Zamara?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Zamara. za-ma-ra.
  2. Meanings for Zamara.
  3. Translations of Zamara. Russian : Замарен

What is the meaning of Mera in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Mera in English is My, and in Urdu we write it میرا. The other meanings are Mera, Meri and Mairay. By form, the word My is an pronoun.

What does Dera Manana mean?

Show gratitude (or say “thank you”).

The Pashto version of this is Dera Manana. Basically, you would be saying “thank you very much” (Dera=Very much, Manana=thank you).

What does Jan mean?

Jan. is a written abbreviation for January.

What is Hayatim?

I have a good life.

How do you respond to thank you in Pashto?

Hi, In Pashto we have a single word for ‘Thank You’ and that is ‘Manana‘. This literally means ‘Acceptance’.

How do you say thank you in Pashto?

In correct, pure Pashto the word is manana (not mañana!!), though most people would use mihrbaanii, which is often pronounced merabaanii.

How do you reply to thank you in Pashto?

Thank you Response (manana) ﻪﻨﻨﻣ (tashakor) ﺮﻜﺸﺗ (har kala rashay) ﺵﺍﺭ ﻪﻠﻛ ﺮﻫ Where’s the toilet?

How do you apologize in Pashto?

How do you greet someone in Pashto?

How is your family in Pashto?

How is everything at home?/How is your family? Sehat de kha de? (صحت دې ښه دی؟)

How do you say sorry in Dari?

Is Pashto a hard language to learn?

Why is Pashto hard to learn? Pashto is a language spoken in both Afganistan and Pakistan. It’s written in Perso-Arabic, a writing system similar to and derived from the Arabic alphabet. Pashto grammar is difficult–which nouns go with which verbs depends on tense.

How do you say Afghanistan in Pashto?