How long was Stanley Yelnats in the camp?

eighteen months
He’s been sentenced to the camp for eighteen months for a crime he didn’t commit. Not cool. Bonus: Stanley’s family is cursed because of a promise made to an old gypsy woman a hundred and fifty years ago.

How long was camp at Green Lake?

It takes 8 hours to get to Camp Green Lake, but according to the novel, it was “Nine hours here, and now nine hours back.” In the film he is portrayed by Jim Wilkey.

Who has been at Camp Green Lake the longest?

Rex Washburn a.k.a X-Ray has been at Camp Green Lake the longest and knows the most, he is also the most superior camper at Camp Green Lake, he wears glasses but most of the time their half covered in dirt but he claims he can see through things and thats why people call him X-Ray. 9.

When did Stanley go to Camp Green Lake?

Chapter 3
Chapter 3. Stanley rides to Camp Green Lake on a bus with the bus driver and a guard with a gun. He carries a backpack with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a box of stationery that he plans to use to write to his mother. Stanley pretends that he is going to a camp like the ones rich children go to.

What was Camp Green Lake like 110 years ago?

Chapter 23

Green Lake is described as it was one hundred and ten years ago: a beautiful body of clear water with peach trees lining the shore. Miss Katherine Barlow was the teacher of the one room schoolhouse and she made wonderful spiced peaches that were preserved to last a year or longer.

How long did Stanley stay on the bus?

He couldn’t see a lake. And hardly anything was green. Stanley felt somewhat dazed as the guard unlocked his handcuffs and led him off the bus. He’d been on the bus for over eight hours.

Why did Stanley Yelnats go to Camp Green Lake?

While Stanley was walking, a pair of shoes had fallen from a freeway overpass, and hit him on the head. … Stanley was convicted of stealing the shoes and sent to Camp Green Lake.

Who is Clyde Livingston in Holes?

Clyde “Sweetfeet” Livingston is a fictional baseball player that appears in the 2003 live-action film, Holes. Sweetfeet plays for the Texas Rangers. He donated his pair of sneakers that he wore in the World Series to a homeless shelter to be auctioned off.

Why did most campers go to Camp Green Lake?

The reason “campers” go to Camp Green Lake is made clear. It is a detention center for boys. … Supposedly their labor will turn a “bad boy” into a “good boy.” Stanley Yelnats, a fifteen-year-old boy from a poor family, chose Camp Green Lake over going to jail.

Why was zigzag in Camp Green Lake?

Ricky was sent to Camp Green Lake for setting off fire crackers at a school that ended up setting off the fire alarms.

What was Stanley’s nickname in Holes?

Stanley Yelnats IV (b. 1982), nicknamed Caveman at Camp Green Lake. He is portrayed by Shia LaBeouf in the movie. He is the main character in Holes.

How old is Zerohole?

Hector Zeroni, (b-1984), is a camper at Camp Green Lake. There he got the nickname Zero (Due to the fact that he was assumed unintelligent, and may have been related to his last name.) He is the deuteragonist of Holes.

Is Stanley Yelnats the third?

Stanley Yelnats III is a minor character from the 2003 film, Holes. He is portrayed by Henry Winkler.

What is barf bags real name in holes?

Barfbag (Lewis)
ActorZane Holtz

Why is there no fence around Camp Green Lake?

Camp Green Lake doesn’t have fences because if anyone tried to escape they would never stay alive because Camp Green Lake has the only water for a hundred miles. 6. What were the requirements for hole digging? The requirements for hole digging was that each day you must dig one hole.

Who is Stanley Yelnats the 2nd?

Stanley Yelnats II is the son of Stanley Yelnats I, the father of Stanley Yelnats III, and the grandfather of Stanley Yelnats IV in the 2003 live-action film, Holes.

What is Stanley Yelnats dad name?

Yelnats. Mr. Yelnats is Stanley’s father. He is an inventor who is smart and persistent, but unlucky.

What did they name the foot odor product?

Sploosh foot spray
Inside was the commercial for Sploosh foot spray, a product of KB industries with Clyde Livingston and his wife attending.