How do you fight in Gang Beasts?

Your main way of attacking in Gang Beasts is pretty simple, you can swing your fists or latch onto someone like a demented monkey and hang on for dear life. Whilst the punches are pretty powerful, your best weapon is a good old-fashioned grab.

How do you punch in Gang Beasts?

Here are the controls for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

PC Controls.
Speed Up GameTap +
Standing Drop KickSpace, then Hold M
Super Drop KickHold Space While Moving, then Space, then Hold M, then Ctrl
Super PunchCtrl, then Quickly Tap the Left or Right Mouse Button
Jul 8, 2021

Can you play Gang Beasts 1 player?

Unfortunately, while the game may be incredibly fun to play with friends, the game doesn’t make it very easy to do so. If players are looking to set up a lobby to play with friends on one shared system, then they will have to select the “local” option from the main menu.