What is the return type of a method that returns any value?

You declare a method’s return type in its method declaration. Within the body of the method, you use the return statement to return the value. Any method declared void doesn’t return a value. It does not need to contain a return statement, but it may do so.

What is the return type of an method?

A return statement causes the program control to transfer back to the caller of a method. Every method in Java is declared with a return type and it is mandatory for all java methods. A return type may be a primitive type like int, float, double, a reference type or void type(returns nothing).

Which return type does not return any value?

1. What is the return type of a method that does not return any value? Explanation: Return type of a method must be made void if it is not returning any value.

Which keyword is used to return a value inside a method?

The return keyword
The return keyword finished the execution of a method, and can be used to return a value from a method.

What is object return type in Java?

Returning an array from a method with the Object class as its return type. In Java, an object of any type(array object or a class object) has a parent class, Object i.e. mother of all classes in Java. Hence, an array or an object of any class can be returned from a method with the Object return type.

How many value a method can return?

one value
You can return only one value in Java. If needed you can return multiple values using array or an object.

What is method signature in Java Mcq?

– Method signature in java includes only method name and parameters. … For example, in below class method declaration only “foo(String str)” is the method signature that contains method name and parameters. Return type String should in excluded.

Which function does not return any value in C?

Example 1: No arguments passed and no return value

The return type of the function is void .

Can a method return two values?

7 Answers. You can’t return two values. However, you can return a single value that is a struct that contains two values. You can return only one thing from a function.

Can a method return two values C#?

No, you can’t return multiple values from a function in C# (for versions lower than C# 7), at least not in the way you can do it in Python. However, there are a couple alternatives: You can return an array of type object with the multiple values you want in it.

How do you return a value from another method in Java?

You have to set the returned value to a variable, otherwise it is lost and you are retrieving the value of “x” in your main method. Do this instead to capture the return value. If you only want to see the returned value and not store it, you can even put the function call inside the System.

Can a method have two return types in Java?

No, you don’t have two return types. It’s a generic method you are seeing.

Can main method return a value in Java?

As main() method doesn’t return anything, its return type is void. As soon as the main() method terminates, the java program terminates too. Hence, it doesn’t make any sense to return from main() method as JVM can’t do anything with the return value of it.

What does return 1 do in Java?

What actually does it mean when it says return -1 in this method OR any other number ? It means the author of the method does not appreciate exceptions properly. They are probably used to programming in a language like C, where clients of a method are usually notified of errors through some special return value.

What is return keyword in Java?

In Java, return is a reserved keyword i.e, we can’t use it as an identifier. It is used to exit from a method, with or without a value.

Can main method return int?

I answered: No. The compiler won’t compile it as it is expecting the return type of main to be int , though we can overload it.