How do I edit a photo album in PowerPoint?

Open the photo album presentation containing the picture that you want to change. On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click the arrow under Photo Album, and then click Edit Photo Album.

What is customization in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint calls this a custom show. When you create a custom show in PowerPoint, you can adapt a presentation for different audiences. Use a custom show to present only certain slides from your presentation, or to create a hyperlink to a group of slides in your presentation.

Can you edit photos in PowerPoint?

The good news is that PowerPoint has image editing essentials inside the app. You can add images to your presentation and edit them without even opening a separate photo editor. Here are the PowerPoint image tools you’ll learn to use in this tutorial: Resizing.

Can you customize PowerPoint design ideas?

Select the first slide or the slide you want to modify. Click the Design tab and then click the button for Design Ideas. The first time you access the Designer tool, you may be asked to give it permission to suggest design ideas for you. Select the option to turn on Designer.

How do you customize a PowerPoint?

Customize your theme
  1. To find a theme to use in your presentation, click the Design tab, click a theme, and see how it previews on the slide.
  2. You can further customize the theme by changing the fonts, colors, and background colors on the Design tab.

How do I make different designs in PowerPoint?

Select the slide that you want to apply a different theme to. Hold down CONTROL and then, on the Design tab, in Themes, click the slide that you want to apply the theme to and click Apply to Selected Slides.

How do I turn on design ideas in PowerPoint?

Ask for design ideas any time by choosing Design > Design Ideas on the ribbon. PowerPoint shows design ideas for your slide. Scroll through the suggestions in the Design Ideas pane on the right side of the window. Click to select the design you want, or else close the window.

How do I create a custom theme in PowerPoint?

To change the current theme to another theme:
  1. On the DESIGN tab, in the Themes group, click More.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Under Custom, choose a custom theme to apply.
  4. Under Office, click a built-in theme to apply. …
  5. Click Browse for Themes, and locate and click a theme.

How do I get different PowerPoint themes?

Applying themes
  1. Select the Design tab on the Ribbon, then locate the Themes group. Each image represents a theme.
  2. Click the More drop-down arrow to see all available themes.
  3. Select the desired theme.
  4. The theme will be applied to the entire presentation. To apply a different theme, simply select it from the Design tab.

What are PowerPoint themes?

What is a PowerPoint theme? A theme is a predefined set of colors, fonts, and visual effects that you apply to your slides for a unified, professional look. … When you add graphics (tables, shapes, and so on) to your slides, PowerPoint applies theme colors that are compatible with other slide elements.

What are the different items that you can add to your PowerPoint presentation?

Photographs, ClipArt, shapes, charts, and other graphics can enhance PowerPoint presentations. There are several options for adding graphics to your slide. To add an image, go to the Insert tab and select “Pictures”, and then “Picture from file…”.

What are the three theme elements?

They are:
  • Characters – The people who take part in the action of the story.
  • Setting – Where the story takes place.
  • Plot – The events that make up a story.
  • Conflict – The struggle faced by the main character that must reach a resolution.

How many themes are there in PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes 40 built-in themes. Each theme has been carefully designed so that the fonts, styles, colours and formatting complement each other to create professional-looking, consistent and well-designed presentations.

What is the difference between templates and styles?

Styles keep your formatting consistent within a document. … Templates allow you to re-use text, and keep your look and feel consistent across multiple documents.

What are some common themes?

6 Common Themes in Literature
  • Good vs. evil.
  • Love.
  • Redemption.
  • Courage and perseverance.
  • Coming of age.
  • Revenge.