What is the difference between vosotros and ustedes?

Spain uses the second-person plural “vosotros” (you all) whereas most of Latin America uses the second-person plural “ustedes” to mean “you all.” Among Latin American countries, slight grammatical variations and significant terminology differences distinguish the languages.

What is the difference between vosotros and nosotros?

Nosotros is first person (we, which includes the speaker) and vosotros is second person (you all which includes the people the speaker is speaking to). Technically, the difference is in a category we call person. In Spanish, pronouns can be singular or plural and they can be first, second, or third person.

What do you do with Vosotros?

Informal Commands (“vosotros”)
  1. Comprad (vosotros) el anillo. (You-all) Buy the ring. Escribid (vosotros) la tarea. (You-all) Do the homework. …
  2. No compréis (vosotros) el anillo. (You-all) Don’t buy the ring. No escribáis (vosotros) la tarea. …
  3. Comprad el anillo. (You-all) Buy the ring. No escribáis la tarea.

Do Spanish speakers use Vosotros?

In Spain, vosotros is always used for the plural of “you”, whereas in Latin America it isn’t. Instead, Latin American Spanish speakers use Ustedes, which means that many people in Latin America, and learners of Spanish who study Latin American Spanish, cannot even produce the correct verb forms for vosotros.

Is Vosotros always plural?

Learning the difference between tú, vos, usted, vosotros or ustedes can seem confusing but actually is quite simple to understand!

Difference between Tú, Vos, Usted, Vosotros or Ustedes.
You informal
VosotrosYou plural (mainly in Spain)
UstedesYou formal plural
Sep 27, 2014

Who uses Vosotros?

The pronoun vosotros (bvoh-soh-trohs) (plural you) is used in spoken Spanish in Spain only. Spaniards use vosotros to informally address a group of people.

How do you form Vosotros commands?

The affirmative vosotros command is formed by simply replacing the final “r” of the infinitive with “d.” Comprad (vosotros) el anillo. (You-all) Buy the ring. Escribid (vosotros) la tarea.

Is Vosotros masculine or feminine?

1 Using subject pronouns
younosotras (feminine)
élhevosotros (masculine)
ellashevosotras (feminine)
usted (Vd.)youellos (masculine)

Where is Vosotros used in everyday conversation?

Vosotros Vs Ustedes

Nowadays, using vosotros in Spain expresses a certain familiarity to the person or people you’re conversing with, and it’s used in casual conversation. It’s similar to saying “you guys” or “you all” in English. The counterpart to vosotros in Latin America is ustedes.

Is Vosotros used outside of Spain?

The “vosotros” form exists, it´s official in Spanish but it is only used in Spain. Instead, in Latin America we use “ustedes” (or at least here in Argentina).

Is Vosotros ever used in Latin America?

The Spanish pronoun vosotros (plural you), is the grammatical form used in Spain to address more than one person you are familiar with. In Latin America, it corresponds to ustedes (plural you). … In Latin America, this form was also used, but it disappeared completely at the end of the 19th century.

Is Vosotros used in Mexico?

In Mexico, it’s not necessary to differentiate. The same goes for the second-person plural (used when addressing a group, such as “you all”). In Spain, you should use “vosotros,” whereas in Mexico you use “ustedes.”

Why do Latin American countries not use Vosotros?

“Why is “vosotros” not used in Latin America?” There are various theories on the details of that but, in general, the answer is simply that Latin America had a tendency to try to be more formal than Spain and so plural forms the familiar was gradually lost.

What goes after nosotros?

It is important to know that the top row is called first person ( yo and nosotros/nosotras). The second row is called the second person ( tú and vosotros/vosotras), and anything lower on the chart is called the third person ( él, ella, usted, ellos, ellas, and ustedes).

Is usted still used in Spain?

In Spain, usted (singular) and ustedes (plural) are used as well. But this happens only for more formal occasions, or occasions where respect must be shown. … So, even in casual situations where, in Spain, this form is present, other countries still opt to use ustedes for plural “you” communication.

When did Latin America stop using Vosotros?

In his study Jose Moreno from the Mexico University shows that the form “vosotros” was used along with the form “ustedes” in Latin America till the middle of the XIX (1840) century when its used dropped abruptly. It disappeared almost completely at the end of the XX century.

Why do some people not use Vosotros?

It’s really quite simple. You see, the Spaniards conquered much of Latin America and therefore forced us all to speak their language. Obviously, they wouldn’t allow us to learn informal Spanish and use it with them, as they were our oppressors.

Why is there no Vosotros in duolingo?

They are teaching Latin American Spanish. Vosotros isn’t used on this side of the Atlantic. They chose to teach Latin American Spanish. Vosotros is not used at all on this side of the Atlantic.