How do you use a Lazy Jack?

This system works equally well with a stack pack and/or lazy jacks that have three or four attachment points on the boom. We had a stack pack and lazy jacks with four boom (or stack pack, really) attachments on our previous boat (a Tayana 37 with a much larger main sail) and it worked perfectly.

Why was Jack known as Lazy Jack?

Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Jack, and he lived with his mother. The old woman got her living by spinning, but Jack was so lazy. So they called him Lazy Jack.

What line do you use for lazy jacks?

27 – Lazy-jack

A Lazy Jack line should be durable, flexibel and easy to splice. This is the rope we recommend.

How do you make a lazy jack sail?

What is the story about Lazy Jack?

In this British folktale poor Jack tries so hard to do as his mother tells him, but nothing seems to work out quite right. Jack’s mother, tired of his laziness, sends him out to work. On the first day he is given a penny but loses it on the way home. His mother tells him he should have put it in his pocket.

Was Lazy Jack a foolish boy?

“Lazy Jack,” or “Foolish Jack,” is a “noodlehead tale” found in many different countries. The basic story is of Jack, a foolish and lazy fellow who goes out to find work. He is paid each day in various goods. When he is paid in money, he loses it, and his mother tells him he should have put it in his pocket.

What is a Dutchman flaking system?

The Dutchman Mainsail Flaking System uses vertical control lines laced through fairleads in the sail to automatically flake the sail. The sail slides up and down on the lines like a window shade. As the sail is dropped, the lines guide the main down to alternate sides of the boom.

What is the topping lift on a sailboat?

The topping lift (more rarely known as an uphaul) is a line which applies upward force on a boom on a sailboat. Part of the running rigging, topping lifts are primarily used to hold a boom up when the sail is lowered. This line would run from near the free end of the boom(s) forward to the top of the mast.

What is a sail pack?

Sail packs are an adaptation of traditional sail covers that work with a lazy jack system to make setting and dousing your mainsail quick and easy. … The pack is always open and when you are ready to lower the sail, the lazy jack lines help the sail to flake neatly in place inside the cover.

What is a Dutchman in sailing?

What is a Lazy Jack in sailing?

Lazy jacks are networks of lines that are rigged along each side of the mainsail from multiple points on the boom or a stack pack to a point on the mast just above the spreaders, at about 60% the mast’s height. Their purpose is to hold the mainsail on top of the boom when it is lowered.

What does a boom vang do?

The vang allows vertical adjustment of the boom, and is an extremely important tool to shape the main for speed. Tension the vang to tighten the leech, flatten the sail and bend the mast. Cruisers use the vang to keep the boom from rising when sailing downwind and abraiding the main.

How do you attach a lazy jack to a sailboat?

What is a Doyle Stack Pack?


StackPack is a mainsail handling system comprised of a fully battened mainsail with integral lazy jacks and a cover that opens automatically to accept the sail as it is lowered. … the StackPack is the most innovative, best performing and best looking Mainsail handling system available.

What is the difference between a cunningham and a boom vang?

1. A boom downhaul is used on a boom that connects/attaches to a track mounted gooseneck, track is mounted to the mast. 2. A cunningham is used on a gooseneck that is direct attached to a mast (no track to slide up and down on)…

How do you rig a vang?

Can you sail without a boom vang?

The boom vang can be a misunderstood sail control. … If you don’t use the boom vang in all but the lightest conditions, the boom will rise up as it is eased out and the sail will twist off, spilling power out of the top of the sail. This is okay when you have too much heel and helm, but not when you need power.

What is the purpose of a cunningham on a sailboat?

The cunningham controls the fore and aft position of draft in the mainsail or genoa and works together with the traveler, mainsheet, outhaul and vang to optimize sail shape and increase boatspeed. Cunningham controls lead to the crew to encourage adjustment as wind speed changes.