Who owns CPS Energy?

the City of San Antonio
CPS Energy is proud to be owned by the City of San Antonio for 78 years and is honored to serve residents for 160 years. Today, CPS Energy has more than 3,100 employees driven by our philosophy of putting People First!

What is Paula Gold Williams salary?

The San Antonio Express-News reported in 2020 she had a base salary of $486,000 but turned down a bonus that would have put her total compensation at more than $1 million. The Board will form an executive search committee for a new President & CEO and will update the public once that information is finalized.

Is CPS the only energy provider in San Antonio?

In San Antonio, city-owned utility company CPS Energy is the area’s sole electricity provider. … “But it’s also true that electric prices historically have been significantly higher in areas with retail electric deregulation, as compared to other areas of Texas.

How do you read a CPS meter?

Who is CEO of CPS Energy?

CPS Energy/CEO

Is CPS Energy only in Texas?

Acquired by the city in 1942, CPS Energy serves over 840,750 electricity customers and more than 352,585 natural gas customers in its 1,566-square-mile (4,060 km2) service area, which includes Bexar County and portions of its 7 surrounding counties.

CPS Energy.
TypeMunicipal corporation

Is CPS Energy a monopoly?

CPS Energy is enjoying a growing customer base, up to 2,000 new customers a month, and part of that is due to the fact that it has not had any rivals in the market. “Right now, CPS Energy is a monopoly,” says Milton Lee, CEO of CPS Energy.

How many CPS customers are there?

The utility currently has more than 840,000 customers for electricity and about 353,000 for natural gas. One of CPS’ main reasons for looking to raise rates is to bring in additional revenue to connect more households to the power grid and meet the increasing demand for electricity.

Who owns Rio Nogales powerplant?

Tenaska Capital Management, LLC
Rio Nogales is currently owned by a Tenaska Capital Management, LLC, affiliate, which has entered into a purchase and sale agreement with CPS Energy, capping the utility’s eight-month process to identify additional natural gas resources. The 10-year old plant is expected to be operational for the next 30 to 40 years.

Where Does CPS get its energy?

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When was CPS Energy founded?

1942, San Antonio, TX
CPS Energy/Founded