What state is Camerons Corner?

Cameron Corner is where the State of Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia meet. The Corner Store is actually in Queensland but receives its supplies from New South Wales, and telephone services from South Australia.

Why is Poeppel Corner important?

Poeppel Corner is the result of early cooperation between Australian colonies and provides lasting evidence of the feat of endurance which marking the Queensland-South Australia border involved. The place is important in demonstrating a high degree of creative or technical achievement at a particular period.

Where is Poeppel Corner?

Poeppel Corner (known as Poeppel’s Corner in Queensland) at latitude 26° S and longitude 138° E is a corner of state boundaries in Australia, where the state of Queensland meets South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Where 3 states meet Australia?

At Cameron Corner, 145km northwest of Tibooburra, you can stand at the intersection of three states: NSW, South Australia and Queensland. Here you can see the famous Dingo Fence, the world’s longest fence at over 5,000km long.

How do I get to Surveyor Generals Corner?

Access to the area is limited to guided tours and visitors require a special permit in addition to the standard Great Central Road transit permit. The nearest settlement is the Aboriginal community of Kalka in South Australia, situated on the Gunbarrel Highway just a few kilometres to the south.