What does it mean when someone says both ways?

another term for each way. have it both ways (usually with a negative) to try to get the best of a situation, argument, etc, by chopping and changing between alternatives or opposites.

What does trust goes both ways mean?

In other words, trust is your reputation when consistency is added to the equation. … If your customers have come to expect you’ll be honest and transparent in your dealings with them, you’ve established a very good kind of trust.

What does the road goes both ways mean?

“It goes both ways” means that what is true for one party in a business deal (or personal relationship, or many other contexts of partnership) is true for both parties. Therefore, in this instance is means that the guys in chains feel the same way, even if they currently are at a disadvantage.

What is another word for both ways?

What is another word for both ways?
return tripround trip
full circletater
there and backbig salami
round trippercircuit clout

Can head go both ways?

Flat head syndrome usually happens on one side of the head. But it can occur on both sides or in the back (sometimes called brachycephaly). The longer a part of the head is on a flat surface, the more likely it will flatten.

What is the meaning of it goes without saying?

said to mean that something is so obvious that it does not need to be said or explained.

When something goes both ways?

The definition of reciprocal refers to something that goes both ways or to something that is done in return for a similar act. In grammar, a reciprocal is mutual action or a relationship between two nouns or pronouns.

How do you say two way communication?

“Trainers need to show the leadership skills necessary to actively engage staff in a two-way communication.”

What is another word for two-way communication?
discourseexchange of ideas

What is a two way relationship?

two-way adjective (RELATIONSHIP)

A two-way situation involves two people or two groups of people working together to achieve a shared aim: … Remember, friendships are a two-way street (= both people have to make an effort).