How long was Raymond Burr married to Isabella?

They had one child, a son. Sutherland died in June 1943, allegedly when her plane was shot down by the Germans. In 1946 Burr married Isabella Ward. The marriage lasted only a few months and was annulled in 1947.

Why was Della Street missing from some Perry Mason episodes?

She wanted to retire. Bill left the decision up to her. Then came an opportunity the actress couldn’t afford to turn down. She couldn’t refuse to play Della Street in the “Perry Mason” TV series.

What was Raymond Burr’s net worth when he passed away?

Raymond Burr passed away on September 12, 1993 at the age of 76 from cancer.

Raymond Burr Net Worth.
Net Worth:$15 Million
Date of Birth:May 21, 1917 – Sep 12, 1993 (76 years old)
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession:Actor, Television Director, Teacher

Did Perry Mason Love Della Street?

He never did. Yet throughout the run of the original Perry Mason television series (1957 to 1966), and especially in the 82 Mason novels, it’s clear that Perry and Della had a unique relationship, filled with mutual admiration and respect, unquestioning loyalty, and yes, love.

Did Paul Drake ever date Della Street?

“He defined the role.” A running gag on the series, is that although Paul Drake is a “wolf” that dates every woman he can, the only woman he does not date is Della Street whom he always respectfully refers to as Hi Beautiful – in deference to the romantic chemistry displayed between Perry and Della.

Did Della Street wear a wig?


Set in 1931-32, the series wigmaster clearly decided that ALL WOMEN wore fingerwave bobs and therefore all female characters have basically the same wig, with varying levels of success. Della’s is not the worst but that is mainly because she is constantly wearing hats.

Was Barbara Hale friends with Raymond Burr?

Hale and Mr. Burr were close friends. … Burr died in 1993, three more films in the series were made, starring other actors. (They were known as “Perry Mason Mysteries,” but the role of Perry Mason was not recast.)

Did Perry Mason ever sleep with Della?

So, did we ever find out what was really going on between these two? The answer is: no. Some clues didn’t pan out, much to the dismay of the romantics. The “smiling face-coffee” statement was uttered not face-to-face in the early morning light but from Perry’s office, via the intercom, to Della’s desk outside.

What law school did Perry Mason go to?

HBO’s Perry Mason

In the HBO series, Perry Mason (2020), assistant district attorney Burger was a graduate of Yale Law with twenty-two years of trial experience, played by Justin Kirk. This series takes place 1931-1932, before Mason becomes a defense attorney.

Why did Ray Collins leave Perry Mason?

In 1957, Collins joined the cast of the CBS-TV series Perry Mason and gained fame as Los Angeles police homicide detective Lieutenant Arthur Tragg. By 1960, Collins found his physical health declining and his memory waning, problems that in the next few years brought an end to his career.

Why is Perry Mason’s arm in a sling?

Perry tells Lt. Tragg that it is an old war injury that has flared up. In reality, Raymond Burr had been injured in a helicopter crash on one of his many tours of Vietnam to entertain the troops, during a hiatus in filming Perry Mason. He wore a cast on his arm and shoulder for three months.

Why did Bette Davis appear on Perry Mason?

When Raymond Burr had to miss a few episodes in 1962 and 1963 due to a surgery, it would take some serious talent to fill his void. Luckily, Davis was a fan of the show and was the first guest star tapped to lead the drama series.

What was Lt Tragg’s identifying mark?

Lt. Tragg uses a pocket knife to scratch his identifying mark on the butt of the murder weapon, a Smith and Wesson revolver.

Who was lieutenant Tragg?

Ray Bidwell Collins
Ray Bidwell Collins was an American actor in film, stage, radio and television. One of his best remembered roles was that of Lt. Arthur Tragg in the long-running series Perry Mason (1957).

What was the best episode of Perry Mason?

The Case of the Lucky Loser
I headed to the Perry Mason page and was quickly informed that the best/highest-rated episode of the original run is “The Case of the Lucky Loser” (season two, episode two).

Why was Hamilton Burger on crutches in the case of the romantic rogue?

This was because actor Raymond Burr was recovering from surgery and couldn’t handle the usual workload. Burr played the role with one arm in a sling during four season eight episodes.

Where was Raymond Burr when Bette Davis was on Perry Mason?

3. The one with Bette Davis instead of Raymond Burr. In 1962, during season six, Burr was recuperating from surgery. Guest actors filled in for Burr, who still appeared in a few scenes in a hospital bed.

Why does Perry Mason wear a pinky ring?

It seems is a sign sent to the classic television to release the sexual movement to the audience and Hollywood. Perry Mason wears pinky ring to claim the freedom of homosexuals via the cinema.