Can you cheat on Apex Learning?

In order to maintain academic integrity, Apex Learning Virtual School requires that all work be entirely the result of one’s own effort. Plagiarism, cheating, or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and teachers will not accept work that is copied or plagiarized.

How do I find my apex answer key?

How do you get through Apex Learning?

Tips for Success
  1. Complete the APEX orientation course (see below).
  2. Familiarize yourself with the APEX expectations and procedures.
  3. Commit to Learning.
  4. Set specific goals based on your desired outcomes.
  5. Be conscientious about completing assignments.
  6. Plan regular meetings with you Teacher or Coach.

Can Apex Learning See if you switch tabs?

The answer is yes.

How long is Apex Learning?

How long does each course last? A semester lasts up to 18 weeks. During the summer term (May – July), the standard semester course duration is 9 weeks, but can be extended if needed.

How do apex teachers learn?

What can Apex teachers see?

From the Summary view, you can see courses averages, access Course Activity Scores reports, apply course settings, and enter notes and final grades. Each course unit is represented as a Unit page in the Grade Book.

Can Moodle tell if you copy and paste?

Can Moodle detect copy and paste? Moodle alone cannot detect if you copy and paste content unless if the instructor has incorporated a plagiarism scanning software. As it is Moodle has a structure that will allow one to copy-paste a document.

Can teachers see if you cheat on Google Forms?

No, the teacher will not be informed. As Google Form has no such functionality. However, schools may choose to use 3rd party apps such as auto proctor which integrate with Google Form to provide such a monitoring facility.

Does Apex Learning Track your time?

Coaches receive a Weekly Progress report via email. This report shows summary and detailed progress information for all the courses a student is actively enrolled in or has recently completed. This includes course averages, activity scores, on-time information, and time spent in the course.

Why is my test locked on Apex Learning?

Tests will lock automatically if the test taker has not responded to a question within five minutes. To retake a CST the student must contact their assigned Apex teacher. The student and teacher will develop a learning plan that must be completed prior to reopening the test.

What does TST mean on Apex?

*Teacher Scored Tests (TST) This is the TEACHER SCORED UNIT TEST.

How do I contact my teacher on Apex Learning?

If you witness any violations of this Student Code of Conduct, please contact your teacher or Apex Learning at or 1-800-453-1454.

Can teachers see how much time you spend on Apex?

Teachers have the option to monitor the amount of time students spend on a course or an activity.

How can you contact Apex Learning Support?

1 (800) 453-1454
Apex Learning/Customer service

What is a passing grade in Apex Learning?


60% is the minimum score on all assignments to move forward in APEX. 60% is the minimum OVERALL passing score to earn credit.

Do colleges accept Apex Learning?

Our students have a 100% college acceptance rate. Here is a selection of universities our students have attended after earning their high school diploma at ALVS.

How many students does Apex Learning have?

ALVS serves over 20,000 students each year, helping them sharpen their minds, gain confidence in their abilities, and start the road to college and career success.