What structures do crayfish use to capture prey?

The chelipeds are the large claws that the crayfish uses for defense and to capture prey.

What protects the gills of a crayfish?


These gills are very delicate and are covered by the crayfish’s carapace, or shield. This carapace is aligned backwards from the head, allowing water to run through in a channel over the gills, which provides a continuous source of oxygen that allows the crayfish to breathe.

What is the function of the cephalothorax in a crayfish?

The cephalothorax is a region where many vital organs of the crayfish are contained such as the heart, the reproductive organs, the digestive gland, the stomach, the esophagus, the ventral artery, and the ventral nerve cord.

What is the function of the antennules in a crayfish?

Crayfish have two pairs of antennae. The short pair are called antennules. Antennules are used to taste the water and food. The long antennae are used for the sense of touch and helps the crayfish find food and feel vibrations of predators swimming nearby.

What are crayfish adaptations?

Crayfish adapted eyes on short stems that move around, allowing them to see in all directions just by turning the stems. They also have two pairs of sensitive antennae that help detect movement in the water as well as chemicals transmitted through the water, such as that of a dead fish or a nearby potential mate.

How do crayfish adapt to freshwater biomes?

Crayfish Adaptations

All of the more than 400 species of freshwater crayfish are adapted to tolerate low oxygen conditions and exposure to the air. Behaviorally, they also are adapted to live for extended periods in burrow systems under mud in case there is an absence of surface water.

Where are antennules located?

Crayfish Appendage Table
AntennulesSenses touch & taste; helps crayfish maintain balancein front of the mouth
AntennaSenses touch and tastein front of the mouth
Mandible or jawCrushes foodmouth
First MaxillaMoves food to the mouthbehind the mandibles
May 26, 2019

What are three functions of the Swimmerets in the crayfish?

Tell the students that the swimmerets have three functions. They help the crayfish swim, they move water over the gills for respiration, and on the female they hold the larva.

Are the antennules of a crayfish Biramous?

Crayfish literally copulate with their legs. Observe their external anatomy. Identify the following structures: rostrum, antennae, eyes, thorax, carapace, chelae (claws), cheliped, walking legs, abdomen, swimmerets, telson, and uropod. … Note that each pair of antennae are biramous appendages.

Where is the thorax located on a crayfish?

Rostrum: extension of a crayfish’s shell. Head: foremost part of a crayfish. Thorax: upper part of a crayfish’s body. Abdomen: lower part of a crayfish’s body.

Where is the crayfish mouth located?

Why is the crayfish classified as a segmented animal?

Now describe the process. Crayfish contain an exoskeleton which means it needs to get rid of it in order to grow in size. This is called molting. … Although the crayfish has a inflexible cephalothorax, it is classified as a segmented animal.

What are the parts of a crayfish?

Crayfish have two body segments, the cephalothorax, which is the fused head and thorax, and the abdomen. The cephalothorax is protected by a carapace and is where you’ll find the eyes, antennae, and antennules. You’ll also find the mouth parts: mandibles, two pairs of maxillae, and the maxillipeds.

What two parts are usually combined in crayfish?

Crayfish have two main body areas: the cephalothorax, which consists of the head and upper body, and then the abdomen, which is clearly segmented.

Where is the nerve cord located in a crayfish?

Ventral nerve cord: collection of nerves in the abdomen of a crayfish. Maxilliped: pair of appendages of a crayfish used for holding prey. Esophagus: part of the digestive tract between the mouth and the stomach.

What is the intestine used for in a crayfish?

They produce an acid that is needed in the intestines to chemically break down food the crayfish eats. Most of the chemical digestion occurs once the acid and food reaches the intestine.

What is the shell of a crayfish called?

The hard outer shell, or exoskeleton of the crayfish is made of calcium carbonate extracted from the water and secreted in layers. This limestone suit of armor helps provide protection against predators.

How are the segments in the crayfish modified?

In the abdomen, the first five segments each have a pair of swimmerets, which create water currents and function in reproduction. The sixth segment contains a modified pair of uropods. … The uropod and telson together make up the tail fan. The crayfish moves backward by forcing water forward with its tail fan.