How do I access Navy E-Learning from home?

The direct NeL link is available 24/7 and will take Sailors directly to the ‘My Learning’ and ‘Course Catalog’ tabs of the NeL learning management system after logging on.

How do I access Navy E-learning?

To access NeL through a link on My Navy Portal (MNP), select the “Professional Resources” drop-down menu, then “Navy e-learning Online Courses.” For additional information on the Naval Education and Training Command, visit the NETC website, or

Can I access my Navy assignment from home?

MyNavy Assignment (MNA)

The Web-based system allows Sailors to view available jobs and make their own applications or make applications through their Command Career Counselor. Sailors can view MNA through a secure website located at

How do I access Navy mil?

Navigate to MyNavy Portal (MNP) Public Site by adding ‘‘ in the address bar. On the MNP Public Site, select the Login button and select either ‘Low Bandwidth Mode’ or ‘High Bandwidth Mode’.

What is NKO Navy?

The Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is the U.S. Navy’s online self-education and learning services portal. The website serves over 480,000 naval officers and some enlisted personnel, providing resources and information for personal development, career management, leadership training and technical references.

How do I get Navy E-Learning to work on my laptop?

To access NeL through a link on My Navy Portal (MNP), select the “Professional Resources” drop-down menu, then “Navy e-learning Online Courses.” Users will need to update their saved bookmark to the new NeL URL.

How do I access my Navy Mil email from home?

To use the OWA, you’ll go to the web address for your branch: for Department of Defense, for Navy, for Marines and for Air Force.

How do I access my mail MIL account?

You can access DOD Mobile Webmail by following this link: You will need a CAC (Common Access Card) to access it. When prompted to choose a certificate, be sure to pick the certificate with “DOD EMAIL” in the name. Please note: this works better in Internet Explorer than Firefox.

How do I use my CAC card reader at home?

CAC (see note below) Card reader.

You can get started using your CAC by following these basic steps:
  1. Get a card reader. …
  2. Install middleware, if necessary. …
  3. Install DoD root certificates with InstallRoot (32-bit, 64-bit or Non Administrator). …
  4. Make certificates available to your operating system and/or browser, if necessary.

How do I access my military email from home without a CAC?

Go to

Access to military records online without a CAC
  1. Click on ‘My Records’
  2. Notice the AKO Login box, enter your AKO username and password, click Login.
  3. Click on ‘Reserve Record. ‘
  4. Click on ‘Documents. ‘ You should be able to see the documents you are trying to access.

How do I access my military Outlook email from home?

Army OWA Webmail can be accessed here: If you receive a “Certificate error”, ” Security Error” or “site not secure error” you can safely bypass this and continue to OWA mail.

How do I access my Gov email from home?

Enter your email address at
  1. Enter your password.
  2. Click the “Sign in” button.
  3. Authenticate using one of the methods you set up. Options include: Entering a security code from your authentication application. Using your security key. …
  4. You will then be taken to your account page.

What are military email addresses?

mil.” All military members have a “. mil” email address, so there is a high probability that a person is not in the military if they cannot provide one. Uses common spelling, grammatical or language errors.

How do I check my GOV messages?

You will get email or SMS notifications from myGov to let you know when there are new messages in your myGov Inbox. The default setting for notification is email. To change your Inbox notification preference, log-in your myGov account, select the Account Settings icon and select Inbox alerts.